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GONCALO AMARAL DAY, plus an 'Awareness Day', plus a new leaflet, plus a new booklet, plus a new website, plus a House of Commons lobby

The Goncalo Amaral Support Project

We write to bring to your notice our new campaign, titled ‘The Goncalo Amaral Support Project’, or G.A.S.P. for short. The campaign includes the establishment of a national Goncalo Amaral Day, and awareness day in support of Mr Amaral, leaflets, a new website, and even a new booklet about him.

Why is G.A.S.P. needed?

Before giving you the details, why are we setting up a new campaign on behalf of Mr Amaral? Our reasons include:

· The fact that without his book, A Verdade da Mentira (‘The Truth About A Lie’) there is much important information surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann that otherwise we would not know

· The enormous and sustained pressure that has been put on him by the following legal events

a) his prosecution and wrongful conviction (currently the subject of an appeal) for allegedly filing a false report in a criminal matter. He had earlier been accused of conspiring to torture Leonor Cipriano into making a false confession, but that charge was thrown out

b) the McCanns successfully banning his book from sale in Portugal and, after the book had been openly sold for a year, suing Mr Amaral for alleged libel, claiming £1 million

c) a further threatened prosecution of him for allegedly forcing a false confession out of Leandro da Silva, Leonor Cipriano’s partner

d) serious and unaccountable delays in arranging hearings in each of the above cases, causing Mr Amaral significant extra expense

e) a serious and continuing delay in arranging a hearing of his appeal against conviction

· The fact that Madeleine McCann is a British girl. He has

sacrificed his career in order to try to bring the world the

truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann. We in

Britain should appreciate his efforts to bring justice for a

British girl and support him in his efforts against the

determined campaign of his opponents in Britain and Portugal

to silence him.

Goncalo Amaral Day

We have decided to declare 3 October each year as ‘Goncalo Amaral Day’, in honour of a man who has put the pursuit of truth above his personal and career interests. We have chosen 3 October because this was the day in 2007 when the powers-that-be in Portugal removed him, for reasons that are yet to be made fully clear, from his role as the senior investigating officer into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It also happens to be his birthday.

We hope this will become recognised here and elsewhere as a day when we can pay tribute to and support Mr Amaral in any way that we can. This year we plan a lobby of Parliament in support of Mr Amaral at around that date and we also hope to hold a fund-raising event, possibly in Birmingham, on Saturday 2 October.

Goncalo Amaral Awareness Day

We have declared Saturday 17 July ‘Goncalo Amaral Awareness Day’. We have produced a new leaflet in support of Mr Amaral (see below) and we would like your help please in distributing as many of these as you can, on that day, or during the week before.

You may be willing to distribute just 5, or maybe as many as 500. The leaflets are FREE, just tell us how many you can realistically distribute. We would recommend that you stand in your local town centre and hand them out to passers-by. Alternatively, distributing them to local shops and businesses, either before or after normal business hours, is a good way of spreading the message.

If you’re unable to do that, could you distribute a few via family and friends, or perhaps place a few in public reception areas? We’ll make an announcement at the time about how many leaflets are being distributed, and in what towns. If you cannot get out and about, you could share the leaflet electronically via e-mail, blogs, Twitter etc.

Goncalo Amaral Leaflet: “Your Questions Answered About Goncalo Amaral”

We can send you copies of the leaflet by post, or we can send it by e-mail as a Word Document. We’ll be placing a copy on our website ( shortly.

Goncalo Amaral Website

We already have a dummy website in support of Mr Amaral in an advance state of preparation. If you’d like to have a look at it in its draft stage, please ask us.

Goncalo Amaral Booklet

We are currently writing a booklet about Mr Amaral which is our tribute to the work of Goncalo Amaral. It will include a short biography (there is already one on our website), explain his actions in the Madeleine McCann case, and describe the severe opposition he has faced ever since he pulled in the McCanns for questioning on 7 September and made them suspects. If you have any ideas for what should go into the booklet or would like your personal message of support for him included, please contact us. We plan to give out a complimentary copy of the booklet to all those who support our Goncalo Amaral initiatives: our leafleting, our fund-raising lunch, and our proposed lobby of Parliament.

Financial Support for Goncalo Amaral

Possibly the most important way of supporting Mr Amaral is financially. There is a PayPal website where donations can be made to Mr Amaral, run by his friend Paulo Sargento, here is the link:

We plan fund-raising initiatives ourselves and will forward the proceeds directly to Mr Amaral. We began our donations to him with a payment to him of 578.35 euros (£500) earlier this month.

Further suggestions

If you have any other practical ideas on how we in Britain could best support Mr Amaral in all his trials, please contact us. He has fought for justice and truth on behalf of a British girl, while others seem to have been more concerned with covering up the truth. Let us support him as he bears the consequences of his decision to share with us all his information on the Madeleine McCann investigation.

Thanks for reading this.


The Committee of The Madeleine Foundation

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