Royal seal of approval as Prince Charles prepares himself for 'People's child neglector', Dr Kate McCann

By Emily Andrews
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This is the heartbreaking moment when the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen were met and comforted by Kate McCann at a service in memory of young victims of knife and gun crime.

McCann, who of course is still tormented by her own loss - the disappearance of her daughter three years ago - shared a sympathetic hug with Barry and Margaret Mizen on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.

The Mizens showed immense courage as they spoke of their ‘incredible pain’ at the service staged on the second anniversary of their son’s death and attended by Prince Charles.

Full story in Daily Mail

A few comments posted on forums:

"I'd love to see a decent report about that very important service for victims of violent crime. Jimmy Mizen's parents organised this as a solemn event to honour those young people who have been lost to the knife and gun culture that now infects our cities. However, those newspapers who have covered the event have focused on the fact that Kate McCann attended. She was only there as an invited guest and not as the star of the occasion. Take note anyone organising a similar event. Invite Kate McCann and your event will become her personal photo opportunity."

"Yet another occasion hijacked by the McCanns. The media, imo, have handled this very badly - surely the focus of this article should have been on the Mitzen family and other parents grieving for their murdered children rather than Kate McCann. As this service was specifically for parents of child victims of gun and knife crimes, what on earth was Kate McCann doing there? Attending a service intended for parents of murdered children is surely at odds with the McCanns' mantra ' Madeleine is out there, she is a findable little girl'.
I fear the way is being paved for the arrival of Kate McCann, the People's 'Mother Theresa/Princess Diana of Missing and Murdered Children Everywhere."

"A woman like McCann cannot equate having one's child stabbed to death by murderous thugs on his way home from school with her having deliberately left her three children aged under four years in an unlocked apartment with potentially dangerous appliances such as a washing machine and a refrigerator etc. The darkened stairways and quiet alleyways around the apartment's situation were also potential dangers. One of her own dining companions had even alluded to how dark and creepy the area was at night.

The British public seems to have a tremendous capacity for tolerating the Tapas 9's lifestyle. One is therefore wondering if Clarence Mitchell is quite correct in his suggestion that there is a culture of parents leaving tiny children unsupervised.

Could this be the reason that there has not been a national outrage to protest at the way the Tapas 9 have got off scot-free? Do many parents leave their children alone in these sorts of circumstances, where they could easily over-balance against a toilet bowl and bang their heads and become unconscious or bleed to death? Is it unheard of for a child to trip down some steps, or suffocate in entangled bedding or even suffocate one another during play?

Are the majority of parents quietly condoning the McCanns behaviour, whilst only an erstwhile few dare to speak out? Because it appears that when the few seriously try to speak out, they are persistently pestered to apologise for upsetting a small band of nine people who cannot even be bothered to remember their whereabouts or what they were doing during a child's last days of a Portuguese holiday

The fact is quite simply that this is an enormous national disgrace, yet so few people are even aware of the facts around it.

Is there a single prominent person whom this wretched pair have yet to be found in the company of, or is it safe to say that they have had their presence felt in every boardroom, police conference, political tower and state building? We have even travelled abroad to the White House and Vatican with the McCann's story. Was today the closest we can get to the Royal Household or will we be taking tea at Windsor shortly?"

"All this is being done to make Kate McCann look innocent regarding the death and disappearance of her child. It is very important to someone that Kate looks innocent to the general public. I just wonder who that person is."

Evidence of Madeleine's death found in the McCann's apartment and hire car.

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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