Mark Williams Thomas: I question the appropriateness of the photo chosen

By Mark Williams-Thomas
2nd May 2010 (posted between 09:00 - 10:00 AM)

* On the eve of Madeleine's disappearance I agree with the release of a new photo but question the appropriateness of the photo chosen

* Have not yet seen the new Madeleine video but the photograph is so inappropriate & damaging on so many levels-ill advised again

* Am trying to find out now who gave advise to use the make up photo- so damaging- as I know what it will become
* Re Madeleine image i have had no response so will be speaking to someone else this afternoon- will update as soon as i know
* However the new make up image of Madeleine which is highly inappropriate would not have been published without Gerry & Kate agreeing to it
* Cannot see any reason how the 2 new images of Madeleine can be justified-given the scale of sexual exploitation of children & child erotica

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