Dr Gerry McCann: "It wasn't as bad as the night we found her"

CGC: This is a question for both of you but especially for Kate. Were the interrogations of the Portuguese police particularly hard?

KM: The questioning was one of those situations that I would never have believed we'd have ever have been in. A man has taken Madeleine and we have to find him and we'll find Madeleine. For people, including the police, to be not looking for that man, but looking at me and Gerry, then it might [unclear] Madeleine.

GM:Identifying that person is what we have to do at this stage but whoever took Madeleine is still out there, so other children are at risk. And how could we [unclear] at a time when we weren't there, sort of thing. The leaks, smears and lies that were put in the media to try and, errr... convey, errr... an image that we were guilty of our own daughter's disappearance, errm... was particularly hard but the m... it wasn't as bad as the night we found her. Listen here

Source: Las Mañanas de Cuatro interview with McCanns (Tuesday video with English transcript)
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