Dr Gerry McCann, Glenfield hospital, set to hijack MacMillan Cancer charity event for his private fund which has paid his mortgage

Dr Gerry McCann, Glenfield Hospital, is set to divert donations from cancer patients to his fraudulent fund: Non-Charitable Fund [Link to Companies House]

Another 81 miles for Madeleine PDF

Madeleine McCann was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007

Next Sunday, 16th May, Gerry McCann will race in the Etape Caledonia to raise further funds to help secure the safe return of Madeleine.

The race is the UK's greatest cycle race challenge, an 81mile(130km) cycle through Highland Perthshire. There is just under 2000m of climbing, including going over the 1083m Schiehallion, which Gerry is hoping to complete in under 5 hours; which means maintaining an average speed of 16mph (26kmph)!

Please show your support for Gerry but more importantly Madeleine by making a donation at http://findmadeleine.com/support/donations.html

Thank you.

Together, we'll never give up.

Together, we'll find Madeleine.
A few comments from the Missing Madeleine forum

"Imo it is shocking if a Director of a private company, not a charity, can take part in this race and ask for donations to be paid directly to their company. A company that can use money, collected from the public, to spend as they please on things such as legal fees, personal living costs etc!"
"This is so unfair to all those suffereing with cancer. This another McCann con and it makes me sick."
"It could set a precedent for other charitable events. If Gerry McCann is allowed to take part to raise money for a limited company under the umbrella of this well-known charity, I don't see why other limited companies should be refused in the future."
"This is "CRIMINAL" imo!! Absolutely awful! These doctors are suspects in their child's disappearance NOT hero's!!"
"I just Read this out of an online newspaper (9 may 2010)
"Mr McCann, a consultant, compared the experience to that of fighting cancer."
"I am waiting for a call back from macmillan and IMG as they are looking into the fact that he is raising funds for a non charity company."
"Wonder if people know that their donations to dear old gerry is going to his lawyers to win a libel case!"
"I'm a bit puzzled at Gerry's attempts to liken his family's feelings over Madeleine's disappearance to fighting cancer, especially as IIRC he once likened it to having a student overdraft."
Debbie Butler: "have now spoken with the lady in charge at the actual event venue - she fully understands what we are saying and agrees - she has now contacted someone to get legal advice as he should not be riding and collecting for a company - she has no authority to stop him - but the charity may do so - and also they want to see the facebook page and are looking at findmadeleine site too to maybe request the appeal for money be removed.

I am now going to make plaquards and if necessary going up to Scotland - want people to donate to charities not his own company"
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