Kate and Gerry McCann have never requested the re-opening of the investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

Madeleine McCann's parents, Kate and Gerry, have never requested the re-opening of the investigation into their daughter's disappearance.

Neither the McCanns nor their lawyers have asked for the re-opening of the case, was confirmed by the office of the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic, putting an end to speculation.

Despite its being three years since the little British girl was reported missing, her parents have at no time taken the necessary steps for the Portuguese authorities - those who hold jurisdiction - to carry on with the case.

As a reminder, the investigation by the Portimao PJ's Department of Criminal Investigation was harmed when the McCanns and their friends left Portugal: the British people never wanted to participate in a reconstruction of the events surrounding Maddie's disappearance, blocking several diligences of the investigation.

"Her parents insist on a so-called private investigation which has produced no results," a police source confirmed, stressing that, "the latest revelation from the British media about a new witness in Portugal has no credibility, but is part of an orchestrated campaign that is a long way from an investigation," an opinion shared by the Prosecutor's office who stress that, "it's common practice for the media to disclose an abundance of imaginary news stories from time to time."

"If we have evidence with any reasonable degree of credibility, the case can be re-opened," the Prosecutor's office concluded.

Duarte Levy http://www.duartelevy.eu/?p=2356


Source: News from my big desk and Mercedes

Gonçalo Amaral: "I remind you that they “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image. They are not interested in the reopening of the process or of the investigation" - Joana Morais

DC Ivor Messiah, Leicester police, holds up murder trial with 'suggestive sexual gestures'

A major murder trial almost collapsed after a detective allegedly made "suggestive sexual gestures" to a female juror, it has been revealed.
DC Ivor Messiah, who interviewed members of the 'Tapas Seven' as part of the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, has not been in court since the resumption of the trial.

Published: 5:23PM BST 28 May 2010

Det Con Ivor Messiah, was said to have "puckered his lips" in a kiss and "flirted" with the woman, a brunette in her mid-thirties, across a packed courtroom.

The Leicestershire officer also allegedly made a ring with the fingers of one hand - which he then poked with the index finger of the other. Full story here
Deputy Chief Constable Gordon Fraser said: "The Force demands the highest standard of professionalism from all staff and will thoroughly investigate any allegations of inappropriate behaviour."

Dr David Payne - one of the doctors that got away with it

It's a pity that DC Ivor Messiah didn't thoroughly investigate the allegation of inappropriate behaviour from Drs Gerry McCann and David Payne from Leicester (witnessed by two other doctors) when they also made sexual gestures whilst talking about Madeleine...but then why would he when he does similar himself during a major murder trial?

Segment of statement by Dr Katherina Gaspar Maddie Case Files which Leicester police delayed sending to the Portuguese police for six months.

"I was seated between Dave and Gerry who I believe were both speaking about Madeleine. I don’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but it seemed they were discussing a possible scenario. I remember Dave telling Gerry something like “her”, referring to Madeleine, “would do this”.. When he mentioned “this”, Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it inside and outside his mouth, while with the other hand he made a circle around his nipple, in a circulatory movement over his clothes. This was done in a provocative manner and carried an explicit insinuation in relation to what he was saying and doing. I remember that I was shocked at this, and looked at Gerry, and also at Dave, to see their reactions. I looked around as if saying “did anyone else hear this, or was it just me”. There was a nervous silence registered in all the conversations and afterwards, everyone began talking again."

h/tip mumbles, MM forum

Madeleine McCann: Is this the man who snatched her?

By James Murray

THIS is the sensational picture of a suspicious man on the beach which could lead to a breakthrough in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Snapped inadvertently in the background of a holiday photo, the mysterious man strolls along after a rain shower, staring out to sea at Praia da Luz.

The picture was taken at the Portuguese resort days before Madeleine, then three, vanished during the evening of May 3, 2007.

Briton Gail Cooper was having lunch with family and friends in a beachside cafe and taking photos when she saw him wandering along the beach, apparently in a world of his own.

“It was odd to see him walking around the beach alone in showery, cold weather.” she said...

Wearing something very similar to this 'showery, cold weather' attire...

Full story in Sunday Express

"If you can identify the man in the photograph please call the Sunday Express on 0208 612 7073 or contact the website ­Findmadeleine.com." (but not the police)



Sunday May 30,2010
By James Murray Sunday Express

THE top investigator working for Kate and Gerry McCann is considering releasing a new image of the man suspected of abducting their daughter Madeleine.

Former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar travelled to Portugal last week to show the e-fit style image to a new witness.

Portuguese Carlos Moreira, 65, has just come forward to say he saw a girl aged about four lying drowsily on a pile of clothes in the back of a white van.

It happened the day after Madeleine vanished from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

Mr Moreira has confirmed the image bears a strong resemblance to the driver of the van, which was parked at a roadside snack bar 160 miles north of the resort.


As usual 'Have your say' is unavailable for Sunday Express articles that involve the McCanns so here are a couple that were posted on a forum:

"I am betting he is considering whether to release the E-fit because of the reaction to all the previous E-fit releases which has ranged from disbelief to hysterical laughter.

Are we to believe that that small town of PDL was swarming with swarthy looking abductors plus their sundry female accomplices?
That there was an invasion of dodgy looking gypsies all trailing kate and gerry whilst they were on vacation that week?
That lurking behind doors and hedges and in stairwells nefarious looking men watched them as they went to and fro to the creche and tapas bar?
that street must have looked like piccadily circus what with the tapas 9 runing back and forth every few minutes to check on their kids and abductors running around after them checking their routes and timings and security.
one even being possibly brazen enough to go in on the weds night walking Sean and Madeleine maybe and making them cry.

If they expect us to believe this latest drivel they are more seriously deluded than i ever thought possible.

All the more reason for them to take part in a police reconstruction simply because it might refresh the somewhat doubtful memories of the tapas 7 who might suddenly conveniently remember seeing swarthy gypsy-like man lurking behind a tree or in a door way as they ran back and forth checking on their kids"

"...And from this they are clearly able to identify Madeleine?

I don't find this credible. How close did they get to the van to be clear in their mind that this child, huddled in a pile of clothes, was Madeleine.

If they were so sure why didn't they do something at the time? This is hogwash."

Dr Gerry McCann, Glenfield hospital, set to hijack MacMillan Cancer charity event for his private fund which has paid his mortgage

Dr Gerry McCann, Glenfield Hospital, is set to divert donations from cancer patients to his fraudulent fund: Non-Charitable Fund [Link to Companies House]

Another 81 miles for Madeleine PDF

Madeleine McCann was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007

Next Sunday, 16th May, Gerry McCann will race in the Etape Caledonia to raise further funds to help secure the safe return of Madeleine.

The race is the UK's greatest cycle race challenge, an 81mile(130km) cycle through Highland Perthshire. There is just under 2000m of climbing, including going over the 1083m Schiehallion, which Gerry is hoping to complete in under 5 hours; which means maintaining an average speed of 16mph (26kmph)!

Please show your support for Gerry but more importantly Madeleine by making a donation at http://findmadeleine.com/support/donations.html

Thank you.

Together, we'll never give up.

Together, we'll find Madeleine.
A few comments from the Missing Madeleine forum

"Imo it is shocking if a Director of a private company, not a charity, can take part in this race and ask for donations to be paid directly to their company. A company that can use money, collected from the public, to spend as they please on things such as legal fees, personal living costs etc!"
"This is so unfair to all those suffereing with cancer. This another McCann con and it makes me sick."
"It could set a precedent for other charitable events. If Gerry McCann is allowed to take part to raise money for a limited company under the umbrella of this well-known charity, I don't see why other limited companies should be refused in the future."
"This is "CRIMINAL" imo!! Absolutely awful! These doctors are suspects in their child's disappearance NOT hero's!!"
"I just Read this out of an online newspaper (9 may 2010)
"Mr McCann, a consultant, compared the experience to that of fighting cancer."
"I am waiting for a call back from macmillan and IMG as they are looking into the fact that he is raising funds for a non charity company."
"Wonder if people know that their donations to dear old gerry is going to his lawyers to win a libel case!"
"I'm a bit puzzled at Gerry's attempts to liken his family's feelings over Madeleine's disappearance to fighting cancer, especially as IIRC he once likened it to having a student overdraft."
Debbie Butler: "have now spoken with the lady in charge at the actual event venue - she fully understands what we are saying and agrees - she has now contacted someone to get legal advice as he should not be riding and collecting for a company - she has no authority to stop him - but the charity may do so - and also they want to see the facebook page and are looking at findmadeleine site too to maybe request the appeal for money be removed.

I am now going to make plaquards and if necessary going up to Scotland - want people to donate to charities not his own company"
Related: And Nobody Says a Word
An Understandable Charity Event
Another 81 Miles for Madeleine: Gerry McCann asks for further donations for a private company
Everything you need to know about Madeleine's Fund

Royal seal of approval as Prince Charles prepares himself for 'People's child neglector', Dr Kate McCann

By Emily Andrews
Last updated at 2:57 AM on 11th May 2010Read more:

This is the heartbreaking moment when the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen were met and comforted by Kate McCann at a service in memory of young victims of knife and gun crime.

McCann, who of course is still tormented by her own loss - the disappearance of her daughter three years ago - shared a sympathetic hug with Barry and Margaret Mizen on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.

The Mizens showed immense courage as they spoke of their ‘incredible pain’ at the service staged on the second anniversary of their son’s death and attended by Prince Charles.

Full story in Daily Mail

A few comments posted on forums:

"I'd love to see a decent report about that very important service for victims of violent crime. Jimmy Mizen's parents organised this as a solemn event to honour those young people who have been lost to the knife and gun culture that now infects our cities. However, those newspapers who have covered the event have focused on the fact that Kate McCann attended. She was only there as an invited guest and not as the star of the occasion. Take note anyone organising a similar event. Invite Kate McCann and your event will become her personal photo opportunity."

"Yet another occasion hijacked by the McCanns. The media, imo, have handled this very badly - surely the focus of this article should have been on the Mitzen family and other parents grieving for their murdered children rather than Kate McCann. As this service was specifically for parents of child victims of gun and knife crimes, what on earth was Kate McCann doing there? Attending a service intended for parents of murdered children is surely at odds with the McCanns' mantra ' Madeleine is out there, she is a findable little girl'.
I fear the way is being paved for the arrival of Kate McCann, the People's 'Mother Theresa/Princess Diana of Missing and Murdered Children Everywhere."

"A woman like McCann cannot equate having one's child stabbed to death by murderous thugs on his way home from school with her having deliberately left her three children aged under four years in an unlocked apartment with potentially dangerous appliances such as a washing machine and a refrigerator etc. The darkened stairways and quiet alleyways around the apartment's situation were also potential dangers. One of her own dining companions had even alluded to how dark and creepy the area was at night.

The British public seems to have a tremendous capacity for tolerating the Tapas 9's lifestyle. One is therefore wondering if Clarence Mitchell is quite correct in his suggestion that there is a culture of parents leaving tiny children unsupervised.

Could this be the reason that there has not been a national outrage to protest at the way the Tapas 9 have got off scot-free? Do many parents leave their children alone in these sorts of circumstances, where they could easily over-balance against a toilet bowl and bang their heads and become unconscious or bleed to death? Is it unheard of for a child to trip down some steps, or suffocate in entangled bedding or even suffocate one another during play?

Are the majority of parents quietly condoning the McCanns behaviour, whilst only an erstwhile few dare to speak out? Because it appears that when the few seriously try to speak out, they are persistently pestered to apologise for upsetting a small band of nine people who cannot even be bothered to remember their whereabouts or what they were doing during a child's last days of a Portuguese holiday

The fact is quite simply that this is an enormous national disgrace, yet so few people are even aware of the facts around it.

Is there a single prominent person whom this wretched pair have yet to be found in the company of, or is it safe to say that they have had their presence felt in every boardroom, police conference, political tower and state building? We have even travelled abroad to the White House and Vatican with the McCann's story. Was today the closest we can get to the Royal Household or will we be taking tea at Windsor shortly?"

"All this is being done to make Kate McCann look innocent regarding the death and disappearance of her child. It is very important to someone that Kate looks innocent to the general public. I just wonder who that person is."

Evidence of Madeleine's death found in the McCann's apartment and hire car.

Dr Gerry McCann: "It wasn't as bad as the night we found her"

CGC: This is a question for both of you but especially for Kate. Were the interrogations of the Portuguese police particularly hard?

KM: The questioning was one of those situations that I would never have believed we'd have ever have been in. A man has taken Madeleine and we have to find him and we'll find Madeleine. For people, including the police, to be not looking for that man, but looking at me and Gerry, then it might [unclear] Madeleine.

GM:Identifying that person is what we have to do at this stage but whoever took Madeleine is still out there, so other children are at risk. And how could we [unclear] at a time when we weren't there, sort of thing. The leaks, smears and lies that were put in the media to try and, errr... convey, errr... an image that we were guilty of our own daughter's disappearance, errm... was particularly hard but the m... it wasn't as bad as the night we found her. Listen here

Source: Las Mañanas de Cuatro interview with McCanns (Tuesday video with English transcript)
Textusa: Jawdropping!

Kate and Gerry McCann on Spanish TV: "Las Mañanas de Cuatro"

With thanks to Mercedes from Hasta que se sepa la Verdad and Nige at mccannfiles

Kate and Gerry McCann mark the third anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine with an interview with "Las Mañanas de Cuatro" television in Spain.

Translation to follow

Can the McCanns be thinking straight?

By Terence Blacker: The Independent

Three years have passed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and her parents are determined that the search for her should not slip out of the world's headlines. To keep the story alive, they have just released a moody video, complete with a musical soundtrack, which includes a photograph of the three-year-old wearing make-up and gazing into the camera. It is that image which, predictably, has featured in the media,

It seems a bizarre and unsettling development. Clearly, Kate and Gerry McCann have been living through a nightmare of unimaginable horror and perhaps, even after three years, they are not thinking straight. If so, someone should surely have pointed out to them that, in a case over which paedophilia casts an obvious shadow, it looks downright weird when a photograph which has the effect of sexualising the missing child becomes part of the campaign to find her.

Obviously, the make-up game and the photograph were innocent at the time but, when the private picture is released into the public domain in these circumstances, something altogether nastier kicks in.

What was the point of this exercise, apart from getting more news coverage? At a time when there is justified concern over Primark selling Little Miss Naughty padded bras for eight-year-olds and allegations that Playboy brands are being aimed at the primary school market, the circulation of this can only feed prurience of the very worst kind.

Maybe it was a misjudgement, but it confirms a niggling sense that the McCanns' publicity–at-all-costs campaign has seriously lost its way.

Strangely, a McCann supporter took the trouble to photoshop the original image to remove the make up to 'prove' that the photo wasn't 'inappropriate' after a debate opened up where another McCann supporter said "It's a picture of a child who has raided the make up box and made a mess of herself with eye shadow. It's an impish child having a laugh."

Having read the Gaspar statements; read Goncalo Amaral's statement where he alleges that "There is a child molester within that group of friends"; read the disturbing comments about Maddie made by Dr David Payne and Jon Corner, and seen a few other disturbing images of Maddie then it's surely not unreasonable to think that this photograph was inappropriate for the purpose it was used. I can't see that Maddie looks impish in the photograph, nor does she look as though she's having a laugh. She looks made up by an adult and deliberately posed for a photograph that was, presumably, taken by an adult.

It's like saying Baby P was enjoying that bar of chocolate that was, in fact, covering up something far more sinister.

Madeleine Foundation letter 3.5.10 to Jim Gamble, CEOP

Mr Jim Gamble Monday 3 May 2010

Chief Executive

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

33 Vauxhall Bridge Road

Dear Mr Gamble

re: (1) Freedom of Information Act 2000 Questions

(2) CEOP’s close relationship with the McCanns - New video produced by Jon Corner and released by the McCanns, using images of Madeleine McCann with make-up and jewellery

We write to express our concern about the images of Madeleine used by the McCanns in relation to Madeleine on the recent video made by Jon Corner, which they released yesterday to much fanfare.

We do so for a number of reasons, including the very close nexus between yourself, CEOP and the McCanns (to which I shall refer below), and also of course because of your role as Chief Executive of CEOP, an organisation apparently dedicated to eliminating or minimising all forms of the exploitation of children.

The Madeleine Foundation is a membership organisation founded in 2008, partly to help learn the lessons from Madeleine’s disappearance, not least to campaign against the practice of leaving very young children on their own, thus exposing them to all manner of serious risks, not least that of being abducted. In a context where the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said as recently as 19 February in a Channel 4 interview that Madeleine’s disappearance remains ‘a complete mystery’, we also continue to work with others to try to establish what really happened to her and we campaign on a number of child welfare issues.

The video in question features three images of Madeleine. One very striking one shows her in an unusual pose, shot from well below her face, wearing make-up, including much blue eyeshadow, lipstick and jewellery, and looking unhappy.

The McCanns have claimed that ‘the photo shows her when she was three after a raid on the dressing box’. However, it is very unlikely that Madeleine could have put the necklace on herself, nor applied eyeshadow in the manner shown in the photograph, nor applied the pink bow to her hair. The evidence from the photograph suggests that an adult made her up and of course an adult was on hand to take that particular image of her. Even if Madeleine had ‘raided the dressing box’, it is one thing to take a photo of something like that for your family photo album, but altogether another thing to release it for millions to see.

The McCanns explicitly approved the very public release of this video. As one newspaper reported: “Parents of Madeleine McCann, who went missing three years ago, have released a new video and photo of their missing daughter to mark the third anniversary of the girl's disappearance”. The photo the McCanns specifically chose to feature was the one with Madeleine made up, apparently by an adult and not by herself.

There has been strong adverse reaction by many members of the public to this image being used in connection with a missing child. Not least was that of Mr Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police detective and now leading criminologist and child protection expert, who has often in the past spoken with strong sympathy and understanding for the McCanns. His unambiguous reaction to this particular photograph yesterday, and promoted on his ‘Twitter’ blog, was that it was ‘so inappropriate’ and ‘so damaging’. With respect, we agree with him.

The McCanns have from the day Madeleine was reported missing claimed explicitly and on many occasions that Madeleine must have been abducted by a paedophile, or paedophiles, often described by them as ‘predatory’, ‘evil’, or ‘ monsters’. Yet the photo of Madeleine featured by her parents shows a child looking much older than her actual three years, due to the make-up and jewellery, as all the news media yesterday quickly picked up.

You may recall statements made by the McCanns claiming that they were advised by the police ‘not to show any emotion’ in front of the cameras. As one newspaper reported around the time the McCanns appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show: “The couple also admitted they had been advised not to show any emotion while in front of the media, because any potential abductor ‘may get a kick out of it’.”

It is therefore a matter of concern to us that the McCanns should project and promote an image of Madeleine which might well appeal to certain paedophiles, some of whom are unfortunately attracted to young children.

The general topic of the early sexualisation of young girls has recently been addressed by the Home Secretary, to whom you report and who appointed you. As a Guardian editorial earlier this year noted:

“It is a year since Jacqui Smith invited the TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous to head a ‘fact-finding’ review. Her report describes a world where young girls who can barely walk are first cajoled into wearing high heels and T-shirts with Playboy motifs, before progressing into a grim future dominated by an internet-based youth culture that pressurises them into dress and behaviour which defines them overwhelmingly as sexual objects”.

The Home Office report stated: “The evidence gathered in the review suggests a clear link between consumption of sexualised images, a tendency to view women as objects and the acceptance of aggressive attitudes and behaviour as the norm”.

I enclose a copy of a letter sent yesterday to the chief public relations manager for the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, expressing our concerns. In the light of the exceptional degree of publcity given by CEOP to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and your own high degree of personal involvement, we would request you to give appropriate advice to the McCanns as to whether it is right to use these particular images, and especially the ‘make-up photo’, to draw attention to a missing child. We consider it sets a most unfortunate precedent if the one girl whose image has most frequently been used by CEOP to promote concerns about missing and exploited children should now be portrayed by an image which clearly shows her lookijg like a much older child (as the press realised straightaway) and wearing make-up applied by an adult.

May we also draw your attention to one specific comment made on ‘Twitter’ yesterday: “If CEOP endorse this type of public relations for a supposed missing child, then their role in child protection has to be questioned!” This is your opportunity to say unequivocally on behalf of CEOP and on behalf of missing children everywhere that CEOP does not approve of the use of such inappropriate images.

Your degree of commitment, on behalf of CEOP, to the McCanns, has been immense, despite the doubts prompted by their being made ‘arguidos’ and being pulled in for questioning and the contents of the interim police report of senior police inspector Tavares de Aleida.

You have heavily featured Madeleine McCann on your website and in other publications about your work. You appeared together with the McCanns 12 months ago in a one-minute ‘viral video’, strongly emphasising that Madeleine was still alive and needed to be found. You also appeared on morning news shows side by side with the McCanns.

You also invited Dr Gerald McCann in January to be the keynote speaker at a conference of the abduction of children by paedophiles, a matter that concerned many of us, as there is not a shred of evidence that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile. On top of all that, Home Secretary Alan Johnson recently asked you to recommend a new British police force to carry out a review and possibly a re-investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance and, according to press reports, you have already delivered your recommendation to him. In view of this intense activity on behalf of the McCanns, then, you are without doubt in a powerful position to advise them as to their choice of images being used to remind people about Madeleine. We trust you will provide suitable advice to them.

The role and activities of CEOP: Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests

We understand that CEOP has a role as a police force and has powers to investigate alleged crimes relating to missing, abducted and exploited children. We have also seen recent publicity in which, as we understand it, you have advised children, young people and their parents to report possible crimes against children such as ‘internet grooming’ directly to yourself and not to their local police force. We have also seen recent publicity in which you have publicly threatened ‘Facebook’ with various sanctions if they do not adopt your suggestion of a compulsory ‘panic button’ linked to your website.

We presume that as a public authority you must be covered by the Freedom of Information Act and therefore under the FOI Act we ask the questions below. If you are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act, we trust you would answer our questions anyway, as they are clearly in the public interest:

1. What legal powers are available to CEOP and its staff?

2. Under what powers can CEOP insist or encourage children, young people and their parents to report alleged crimes to CEOP rather than to their local police force?

3. What action does CEOP take if they have reasonable grounds for believing that an offence against children has been or is being committed; do they investigate and if necessary charge the offender themselves, or do they refer cases to the local police service, or does it depend on the circumstances? If so, what are the criteria for deciding whether a case is investigated by the police or by yourselves?

4. What campaigning work, if any, has been carried out by CEOP to stem the rising tide of the sexualisation of young children, upon which so many commentators have remarked recently?

5. How many staff does CEOP employ?

6. What was the annual cost of CEOP for the last year for which figures are available?

7. Please refer us to any campaigning work CEOP has done on the risks to children posed by known sex offenders released into the community or to any statements made by CEOP on this issue.

8. Has CEOP expressed a view on current proposals, supported at the last annual conference of the Liberal Democrats, to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to view pornography and visit sex shops; if so, please direct us to where any such statements may be found.

Finally, to the extent that CEOP is effectively addressing the main issues concerning missing, abducted and exploited children, we fully support your organisation’s work and I would be pleased if you could kindly send us a paper copy of your latest annual report.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Tony Bennett,

Image from McCann Gallery
Jim Gamble CEOP A Question If I May
The Corruption of Innocence

That highly inappropriate photo of Madeleine - MF letter to Clarence Mitchell‏

That highly inappropriate photo of Madeleine - MF letter to Clarence Mitchell‏

From: ANTHONY BENNETT (ajsbennett@btinternet.com)
Sent: 02 May 2010 23:56:10

The Madeleine Foundation
Asking the questions about what really happened to Madeleine McCann

Dear Mr Mitchell

re: New video produced by Jon Corner using images of Madeleine McCann with eye shadow and jewellery - now on YouTube

We write to express our concern about the images of Madeleine used by you, the McCanns and Jon Corner in the video message which was widely trailed in today’s newspapers and has already attracted several hundred views on YouTube. We understand that you as the McCanns’ chief public relations adviser must have approved the production and distribution of this video. Indeed, you are quoted in one of today’s newspapers as follows:

“McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: ‘The video is designed to remind people that the search for Madeleine is ongoing. Just because she’s not in the headlines every day doesn’t mean nothing is being done. Kate and Gerry are still devoting a large part of their daily lives to the search’.

The fact that your clients the McCanns explicitly approved the distribution of this video is clear from the following report of SKY News:

“Parents of Madeleine McCann, who went missing three years ago, have released a new video and photo of their missing daughter to mark the third anniversary of the girl's disappearance”.

The concern we have and that is being expressed by thousands of others is the use of clearly-posed photographs of a three-year-old wearing make-up, such as eye shadow, a necklace and lipstick.

You and your clients the McCanns have from the day Madeleine was reported missing claimed explicitly and on many occasions that Madeleine must have been abducted by a paedophile, or paedophiles, often described by you and your clients as ‘predatory’, ‘evil’, or ‘a monster’. Yet the images of Madeleine that you have allowed to be used in your campaign are of a child looking much older than her actual years - the very kinds of images that often appeal to paedophiles. Even former police detective, now leading criminologist and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas, who has often spoken with strong sympathy and understanding for your clients, has today commented adversely on the McCann Team’s use of these images of Madeleine on ‘Twitter’. He said, in five separate messages earlier today:

1) “On the eve of Madeleine's disappearance I agree with the release of a new photo but question the appropriateness of the photo chosen”

2) “Have not yet seen the new Madeleine video but the photograph is so inappropriate & damaging on so many levels - ill advised again”

3) “Am trying to find out now who gave advise [sic] to use the make up photo - so damaging - as I know what it will become”

4) Jon Corner may b able 2 answer ur question on who advised the McCanns to release THAT picture. He's friends with Esther McVey”

5) “No response yet re who advised of the use of recent photo of Madeleine - as soon as I get a response will let u know”.

There has also been questioning of the following statement in one of today’s newspapers:

“Kate and Gerry McCann have released a new picture of their daughter Madeleine as they prepare to commemorate tomorrow’s third anniversary of her disappearance. The photo shows her when she was three after a raid on the dressing-up box - she has a pink bow in her hair and a gold bead necklace and is wearing blue eyeshadow”.

The statement that the photograph shows her ‘after a raid on the dressing-up box’ implies that Madeleine made herself up but is open to serious question for at least the following reasons:

a) it is doubtful if Madeleine could have put on the necklace herself without adult help

b) similarly, the eyeshadow looks neatly put on in certain places around the eye, whereas a three-year-old attempting to put on eyeshadow would have probably made a mess of it

c) Madeleine appears to have no eyelashes. Photographic experts who have analysed the picture suggest that colour has been digitally added on, hiding they eyelashes

d) Madeleine’s eyebrows look quite different from other photos, possibly covered with some form of make-up

e) There appear to be two obvious brush tool traces above the eye on the right of the photo.

Thus, whatever the truth about the circumstances under which this picture was taken, there are very good grounds for believing that an adult has applied the make-up and also of course been there to take the photograph. Taken together with two of the other images of Madeleine shown in the film, it is perhaps not surprising that, for example, on sites like ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’ and other forums, comments like the following have been made:

“The picture of Madeleine reminds me of JonBenét Ramsey’s beauty pageant photos, that kind of images could entice sexual predators”.

“If CEOP endorse this type of public relations for a supposed missing child, then their role in child protection has to be questioned!”

“The latest photo the McCanns have released makes for very uncomfortable viewing. Alongside the Gaspars’ statements, something is very wrong here”.

The context here includes the ever-increasing sexualisation of young children, highlighted recently when a high street store, Primark, had to withdraw the marketing of padded bikini tops to 7-year-olds, following a storm of protest from parents. The dressing up of young children to look adult has been condemned by most child welfare organisations and with good reason. For example, a recent Home Office commissioned report stated: “The evidence gathered in the review suggests a clear link between consumption of sexualised images, a tendency to view women as objects and the acceptance of aggressive attitudes and behaviour as the norm”.

The circumstances in which that photograph of Madeleine was taken may have been wholly innocent, but as many people have been saying today, its use by your clients the McCanns in their attempts to locate a missing child possibly abducted by paedophiles is surely inappropriate. We would therefore ask you and your clients to remove the video from circulation and from YouTube.

Your clients obviously still want the whole world to look for Madeleine and not forget about Madeleine. The problem is that we do not know where to look nor who to look for. For example, fourteen different artists’ impressions have been published in British newspapers of people whom the McCanns claim are either the suspected abductor or ‘persons of interest’. Twelve of these are men and two are women.

As for where to look, the advice given by the McCanns’ private investigators suggests that despite using the services of many of them for nearly three years, there is not a single piece of useful information that you can give to the public which would enable us to know where to begin to look. Despite millions of pounds being spent on Metodo 3, Control Risks Group, Red Defence, Oakley International, senior ex-Metropolitan Police detectives, senior ex-MI5 security staff and now the team of ex-Detective Inspector Dave Edgar and ex-Detective Sergeant Arthur Cowley, we have not a jot of information on where to look.

Mr Edgar told newspapers last year that he was ‘convinced’ (his word) that Madeleine was being held ‘in a prison lair within 10 miles of Praia da Luz in the lawless hills around’. Subsequently you and Mr Edgar told a press conference that a conversation at 2.00am (which had been kept secret for two-and-a-half years) between a British banker who had been drinking round the bars of Barcelona and a woman looking like Victoria Beckham and with an Australian accent was ‘a strong lead’ and as a result a nationwide alert was put out in Australia. Prior to that, in December 2007, Mr Francisco Marco, the boss of the first major detective agency used by your clients, Metodo 3, told the British media that he ‘knew Madeleine was alive’, that ‘his men are closing in on where she is being kept’ and that ‘Madeleine will be home by Christmas’.

It would surely be much more helpful to the public to give out the best description of the abductor that the McCanns’ various detective agencies have, between them, been able to compile, so we know who to look for, and to give the public as much information as you are able to about what really happened to her. You have often been quoted in the newspapers as saying: “Our investigations are confidential…we cannot disclose the information our investigators have” etc. But this gives the public no help at all in knowing where to look for Madeleine.

I trust you will pass these comments on to your clients. At the same time we are raising with Mr Jim Gamble, Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), and other organisations concerned with the welfare of children, whether they approve of appeals for a missing child being made using images of that child in a pose for the cameras and with a considerable degree of adult make-up.

Yours sincerely

Tony Bennett,


Comment on Joana Morais blog:

Look closely at the photo of made-up Madeleine with a picture editing program.
Magnify it to 400%
a- The girl on the photo has no eyelashes. Colour has been digitally added on top, hiding them. Compare with another pic of Madeleine, she has noticeable eyelashes, which have now disappeared.
b- No trace of coloboma
c- Two obvious brush tool traces above the eye on the right of the pic.
d- pixels of the face (very smooth) do not match pixels outside the face.
e- compare eyebrows on the pic with eyebrows on another photo of Madeleine. They don't match.
There are other mismatches.

The picture is an obvious and not very good photoshop type job.
Why would they do this?

Other images of Madeleine chosen for new appeal video, 01 May 2010

Jon Corner, who made the recent appeal video using the above images, has this to say about Maddie:

“So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So—God forgive me—maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality. Some bastard picked up on that.”

Source: Vanity Fair

Mark Williams Thomas: I question the appropriateness of the photo chosen

By Mark Williams-Thomas
2nd May 2010 (posted between 09:00 - 10:00 AM)

* On the eve of Madeleine's disappearance I agree with the release of a new photo but question the appropriateness of the photo chosen

* Have not yet seen the new Madeleine video but the photograph is so inappropriate & damaging on so many levels-ill advised again

* Am trying to find out now who gave advise to use the make up photo- so damaging- as I know what it will become
* Re Madeleine image i have had no response so will be speaking to someone else this afternoon- will update as soon as i know
* However the new make up image of Madeleine which is highly inappropriate would not have been published without Gerry & Kate agreeing to it
* Cannot see any reason how the 2 new images of Madeleine can be justified-given the scale of sexual exploitation of children & child erotica

The Mark Williams-Thomas thread on CMOMM: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t7547-the-mark-williams-thomas-thread

Maddie McCann and the return of 'Cooperman' - just in the nick of time for the third anniversary


Sunday May 2 2010

THE prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann abduction was secretly filmed working at a market in Portugal.

Moving images were covertly shot of the man and shown to key witness Gail Cooper by an investigator working for Kate and Gerry McCann two years ago.

The man was filmed unloading what looked like linen from a clean white van at an “inland” travelling market.

Mrs Cooper, 53, today tells the Sunday Express the man captured on film was the same person she saw three times in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, just days before Madeleine was snatched.

Mrs Cooper is the key witness in the case because she had a tense 15-minute conversation with the suspect before Madeleine vanished from the Mark Warner Ocean Club in Luz on May 3, 2007.

Today, Mrs Cooper calls on the McCanns to put the sensational footage on their website findmadeleine.com so he can be traced by detectives.

“I believe the man I saw was the same person who abducted Madeleine McCann,” said Mrs Cooper, who was flown back to Luz last week by the Sunday Express in an attempt to unlock the mystery.

“More people need to see this footage to discover where he is.”

Mrs Cooper is the woman who created, with an FBI-trained police artist working for the McCanns, a haunting sketch of the man with a distinctive handlebar moustache and protruding front teeth.

The suspect gallery

That powerful image was used in high-profile press campaigns by the McCanns in an effort to locate him.

He bears an uncanny resemblance to the man the McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner saw carrying a small child in his arms and walking away from the holiday apartment on the night Madeleine vanished.

Mrs Cooper, from Newark, Notts, said in the summer of 2008 she was asked to look at footage of the suspect shot over several days in Portugal.

“He was unloading his market stall from a white van,” said Mrs Cooper.

"His hair was lighter and he had shaved off the moustache but to my mind it was the same man. For me the giveaway was his protruding teeth, which were exactly the same as the man I had met in Luz.

"I was shown the footage by a person working for the McCanns’ investigators who took notes of everything I said and then left but I haven’t heard anything since. I asked where the film was shot but he would only say it was shot ‘inland’ in Portugal.”

Last week the McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, appeared on GMTV calling for a review of all the evidence.

Heart specialist Mr McCann, 41, said: “I don’t think it’s right that, as parents, we have to drive the search.”

Source: Daily Express

Maddie plays dressing-up, weeks before she vanished

Gerry and Kate McCann are hoping to put the focus back on the search for their daughter Madeleine with a new video released to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance.

The short film shows the couple pursuing attempts to find their missing child over the past three years, from handing out posters in Portugal to chasing up leads from their home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

It includes a new photograph of a grown up-looking Madeleine wearing blue eyeshadow accompanied with a pink bow in her hair and a gold bead necklace.

The video, produced by family friend Jon Corner, was originally shown at a fundraising event in London in January to mark the 1,000th day since the little girl’s disappearance.

With the Dido song “Here With Me” as a soundtrack, it begins with a computer graphic of the holiday complex in Praia da Luz in the Algarve where Madeleine vanished on May 3 2007.

It goes on to show Mr and Mrs McCann in and around Praia da Luz in the early days after their daughter went missing as they kick-started a campaign to find her.

There are also scenes of the couple answering telephone calls and sifting through emails back in Britain.

The film closes with the message: “Thank you for not giving up on Madeleine. Together we can bring her home.”

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “The video is designed to remind people that the search for Madeleine is ongoing.

“Just because she’s not in the headlines every day doesn’t mean nothing is being done. Kate and Gerry are still devoting a large part of their daily lives to the search.”

:: Information about Madeleine’s disappearance can be passed to the McCanns through their website, http://www.findmadeleine.com,/ or by calling their investigation line on 0845 838 4699.

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/world/video-marks-three-years-since-madeleine-mccann-disappeared-456014.html#ixzz0mgXsS6cU

Jon Corner:

“So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So—God forgive me—maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality. Some bastard picked up on that.” Source: Vanity Fair


DC 1485 Messiah: "Okay. I’d like you to describe Madeleine to me. What sort of a child she is and you know how you see her.”

Dr David Payne reply: "Mm, err Madeleine’s err a very striking err beautiful child, I’d almost if I want a better phrase call her doll-like, you know she was very, you know I think, you know very unique looking child err, she’d got very pretty, you know blonde hair err in a bob, she was quite a petite err child and you know she was very bubbly, very err you know she was a very good child to, to interact with. She was very bright, you could have a lot of fun with Madeleine err and you know she, she was, you know Kate and Gerry’s, you know pride and joy. They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know with IVF and everything and you know Madeleine was their miracle. She was obviously very unique with the fact that she’d got the, you know the iris defect err but you know she was certainly a happy go lucky child you know she was, she would interact with the other children very well, as I said on the other, earlier recording, you know she played very happily with Lily and you know indeed the other children. She was, you know, very, she is a very beautiful child and good fun.”

DC 1485 Messiah: "Mm.”

Source: Maddie: The police DVD Files

Isn't this how little girls usually apply make up when playing dressing up?

Missing Madeleine parents want to reopen inquiry

LISBON — The parents of British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in Portugal almost three years ago, will ask police to reopen the case to follow new leads, they said in an interview published on Saturday.

"We are going to ask for the reopening of the case. This is what we have come to do in Portugal," the father Gerry McCann told the weekly Expresso.

Private detectives working for the McCanns have "identified a new line of investigation", Gerry McCann said, "the trails leads to other trails and we have to convince the police to follow them".

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family's apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, a few days before her fourth birthday.

After a 14-month investigation, Portuguese police decided to shelve the inquiry.

Source here

Quote by Gerry McCann in the Mirror:

He also said that there were new leads to follow. He added: "Our private investigators have identified new information that needs investigating and other areas where we think there could be further meaningful information.

"But we have to be realistic. We do not have the same ability to follow up lines of inquiry that the police do."

However, the authorities, he complained, had hardly been providing a "Rolls-Royce service".

He said: "The key test is, 'Has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no. There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."

Maybe that's because you let the 20 September 2008 deadline pass for the investigation to remain open, Gerry? Maybe Maddie might have been found by now had you not decided to piss about with the situation she "finds herself in"? Unbelievable.

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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