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8 Apr 2010

Marcos Aragão Correia: The extraordinary Portuguese lawyer: New Madeleine Foundation article - and potential legal action

By Tony Bennett

Please visit our website (
http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/) to see our latest article (visit the 'Articles' page).

It's one of our most important articles to date, dealing as it does with the extraordinary actions of the strange lawyer from Madeira, Marcos Alexandre Aragao Correia..

Within the article you'll be able to piece together the actions of this 35-year-old man, from sending off yellow balloons in support of the McCanns in June 2007, right through to the numerous legal actions he has started or been involved in against Goncalo Amaral.

Along the way you'll read of how he first of all claimed how underworld sources told him, three days after Madeleine was reported missing, that she had already been 'abducted, raped, killed and her body thrown into a reservoir' - then later admitted this was a complete lie and said, instead, that he'd had a vision of Madeleine being abducted and abused after his first ever Spiritualist Church meeting in Madeira on the Saturday after Madeleine disappeared.

Plus there's information on his proposed dirty deal to get Amaral's detective colleagues to testify against him, his attempt to break up Amaral's 50th birthday party by obscene gestures immediately outside the restaurant where the party was being held, and on Amaral's litigation against Aragao Correia asking the courts to refer him for psychiatric testing and treatment. You'll see why Amaral suggests that, as you read the article.

There's all that and a lot more, but just one warning: it's quite a long read, running to 55 pages. We've tried to be comprehensive in our coverage of this man's actions.

And that's because, when one has analysed his actions, it becomes ever clearer that Marcos Correia was very much a man on a mission. Look for example at the tangled web of statements and counter-statements about his links with Metodo 3. And then consider the possibility that the McCanns and the head of their private intelligence activity for the past three years, Brian Kennedy, had decided to hire Metodo 3 and were paying them very good money.

No doubt Metodo 3 kept them all fully abreast of Marcos Correia's dealings with them.

If anyone would like this essay in Word Document format, please e-mail the sender of this email.

Word Document here

7 April 2010

A few comments:

One from a 'Pro-Madeleine'

"A concise essay with lots of detailed chronological information. This should leave the reader with a much greater understanding of some of those most difficult to grasp aspects of this shocking case.

There are certainly some very undesirable and freakish personalities involved in trying to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann. Having given great consideration to many of the detectives, lawyers, and media articles, I must conclude that it is only the pro-Madeleine websites and their posters who treat Madeleine's disappearance with anything like the dignity this child deserves.

Where is the justice in this case, if the UK Government and police are allowing private detectives to trample around the world doing their job for them? To parody Kate McCann, who wondered what her own mother would think about her being questioned, I say, 'What will the Portuguese population and police service think of the UK?'

Who allegedly predicted that the British Government would put pressure on the Portuguese police?

It was an accurate prediction. Not just pressure, because seemingly they have deliberately withheld information also. Vital information, such as telephone records and medical information.

What precisely do we think we are we up against in this case? This is a purely rhetorical question."

And one from a 'Pro-McCann'

Rosiepops To Bennett - (Or Earth To Bennett More apt)
"If the author of this garbage went to so much trouble writing 55 pages of poorly researched nonsense, you would have thought he would have at least managed to get the qualified human rights lawyer's name right.
Such an obvious and glaring error, makes every single sentence on every single one of the subsequent 55 pages, utterly and wholly worthless, like the stalking, persecuting author! "

Rosiepops is a fierce Kate and Gerry supporter, rumoured to be part of the McCann family, and has recently posted this open letter from her forum member, Human Rights Lawyer Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, to Gonçalo Amaral the investigating police officer, on
her blog (where you can also find a comment from herself):


To Mr "Beast" Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral:
(It doesn't start well, I grant you that)
Just a few words about your new, false and defaming complaint against me to the Portuguese Bar, because we know that you Mr "Beast" Gonçalo, and your "satanic" followers, use to read this website.
How can you even insinuate that you’re not a beast? Don’t you have mirrors in your luxury apartment?
For Jesus sake, don’t lie so much! We know that your horns can not be seen cause their are well hidden, but please don’t try to hide your apparent "bestiality"! It’s too much!
So, you say that you’re not a beast? Hypocrite you are!
Just remember,

- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Madeleine, Kate and Gerry?
- Perhaos The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Joana, Leonor and Leandro?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Diana, Ana and José?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to all the children victims of violence, and their parents, by allegedly protecting the criminals involved on Joana and Madeleine kidnappings?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to all the good Portuguese and British citizens by incentivizing a fascist country and a fascist police based on fake criminal investigations using torture?
Is not enough?
So, do you still maintain you’re not a beast?
Of course you are, and me and my witnesses are just going to confirm that to the Bar.
And may I inform you that the appeal of Leandro to the superior Court of Évora is already done and delivered in the Court of Faro? Yes, it’s true, so don’t sing victory yet.
And by the way, even if the fascist regime continues to protect you, don’t worry: true Justice will always be done in the end! I’m not atheist neither a Satan follower! So, True Divine Justice will always win in the end! Do you want to wait to see? Maybe it will be too late then... So, here’s my advice to you: repent of all the evil you are, ask forgiveness to all these innocent children and their parents, and divulge the names of all the criminals involved in those monstrous crimes against them, and only then I’ll stop calling what you apparently are: a BEAST! A ferocious beast from the depths of Hell.



More about the Human Rights Lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia:

Marcos Aragão Correia Disrupted Gonçalo Amaral's Birthday Party - complete with an obscene mafia-style drive-by finger gesture and screeching tyres.

"«After dinner, just outside of the restaurant, there was a huge cake, dessert and champagne. The Mayor of Portimão, Manuel da Luz, and a few members of his staff joined the party. At 11.30, there was fireworks, "Happy Birthday" was sung and champagne bottles were popped.

And then, shortly after the fireworks, a car approached and parked opposite to the restaurant's entrance, where the party was in full gear. Inside the car, looking ostensibly at the party, there was Marcos Aragão Correia. He made sure that his presence was noticed, then he drove away.»

Marcos Aragão Correia at that time made an obscene gesture to the guests, who were on the street to make a toast after the fireworks. The lawyer was sitting in a car, with two other occupants, parked in front of the restaurant where the party took place, in Portimão’s riverfront area. A witness – who was identified by the PSP – admitted to having threatened the lawyer after seeing him make the obscene gesture. After the threat, the lawyer, who was driving the vehicle, took off in a hurry with the tires screeching, and returned, minutes later, accompanied by a PSP patrol."


Bennett Threatened With Yet More Legal Action!

New post by Rosiepops Today at 9:27 am

Mr Tony Bennett,
I was just informed of your immensely defamatory article against me, with the title "The Madeleine McCann mystery and the strange role of Madeira lawyer, Marcos Alexandre Aragão Correia" published on your website "The Madeleine Foundation", with the link

http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/P ... Aragoa.pdf.

The article is full of defaming lies against my person, even including lies concerning my full name.

Defamation is a crime not only in Portugal but also in the United Kingdom.

You have 48 hours to remove completely the article from the Internet.

If not, without further notice, I will proceed to contact Colleagues of the United Kingdom in order to initiate a criminal procedure against you, together with demand for compensation, in the Courts of the United Kingdom.

Portugal, 08 April 2010.

Marcos Aragão Correia,

Lawyer (Portuguese Bar number 427M).
UPDATE: Tony Bennett's reply can be read here or here on Chaos Raptors

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