Dr Kate McCann wished her family, including the twins, were dead.

Kate's agony


Published: 30 April 2010

KATE McCann has admitted that after daughter Maddie disappeared there were times she wished she and her family were dead.

Speaking just two days before the third anniversary of Maddie's abduction on May 3 2007 Kate revealed her agony was so great that she used to hope that her, husband Gerry and their twins S*** and A***** would die in an accident.

She said: "I used to have thoughts like we'll get wiped out in the car on the motorway. So it would just happen, we'd all be gone, and the pain would be away."

The full article can be read in The McSun

Here's an interesting comment posted in a forum:

"This is acually very telling and tells us the truth about Madeleine.

If, as they claim madeleine was and still is alive and suffering no serious harm why on earth would she wish the remaining family were dead and it was all over?

Surely if Madeleine were alive then kate killing herself and the family would make Madeleine an orphan thus causing even more trauma.

the only way this makes any kind of logical sense if if they know that Madeleine is dead and has been dead since the night she vanished/ was last seen alive by an independant witness.
You hear these comments from distraught , grief stricken people who have lost a loved one especially if it was in suspicious circumstances. What you don't hear these comments from is from parents with a missing child or family member.

Why on earth would you wish yourself and your family dead if you know or suspect your child is alive and in the hands of an abductor. At best you would be demanding they take you instead of the child ( especially in ransom cases - remember sahil's mom?)