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10 Apr 2010

Jim Gamble: Operation Ore

By Metodo 2 (Textusa & Ironside)

Jim Gamble Chief Executive CEOP

Formerly Assistant Chief Constable of the National Crime Squad (Responsible for co-ordinating Operation Ore)

As a direct consequence of the STATEMENTS and DECISIONS of Jim Gamble and associated people, the presumption of innocence was completely disregarded, GUILT, was exaggerated to comply with the demand “ratings” as lynching usually invokes and provokes. The result was that LIVES were endangered and some LOST. Public morals were corrupted and JUSTICE was denied.

Let’s remember that it was CEOP Jim Gamble who profiled Robert Murat and said he is THE MOST LIKELY TO HAVE TAKEN MADELEINE…

Guess from who Gerry McCann got the CEOP manuals not for public use?

OBU Investigators UK took on the challenge and see that Justice is served. It has been a long hard battle. But one worth fighting.

Those that fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE shall prevail. Those that use the names of TRUTH and JUSTICE only deserve the most shameful of defeats.

Finally, the JUSTICE they seek may be about to become a reality. They have a lawyer CHRIS SALTRESE, (do remember this name) you are about to hear a lot more from him. CHRIS has worked Pro Bono to make this day happen.

Permission has been granted to allow the Operation Ore group action test, or specimen, appeal to be heard before the High Court in London.

Hearing in the High Court is to commence on 27th April and 28th April 2010.


A couple of comments from Textusa's blog:

Anonymous said :Apr 6, 2010 9:48:00 PM

If we are successful in the High Court, the international phase of the group action will roll-out in the form of other group or class actions in many, if not all, of the 60 countries that were, through an FBI-influenced Interpol, subjected to police raids based on the US Landslide evidence. The hope for the international phase is that each country where a fight-back is required will appoint a co-ordinator who will liaise with the group action team and copy its procedure in its own local campaign.

Anonymous said :Apr 6, 2010 9:53:00 PM

We are currently investigating one of the biggest Police operations in history, Operation Ore. We at OBU have uncovered so much damning evidence, we have declared this as the largest miscarriage of justice in the UK this century. In view of the money involved and the death and destruction it wreaked, it is arguably the crime of the century. That is not something that will stand the test of time and various bodies and people have worked on the issues independently and collectively.

More details on the 3 arguidos forum

UPDATE: This blog has been requested to add the following text:

Operation Ore. We want to hear from you now.

We want to hear from you now if you were convicted or cautioned for incitement and if you were convicted or cautioned for possession.

The test appeal is listed for hearing in the High Court in London on 27 and 28 April 2010. If the outcome is successful, we will be arranging a raft of appeals and related actions.

Contact ed-inquisition@live.ie

This message was sent to me today:

Jill a very special lady has come forward..a brave woman...we hope many more like her do the same. Can you give her a special place on your blog as we start to get the truth out about Jim Gamble.

totallyconfused said :Apr 10, 2010 4:01:00 PM
I am an Operation Ore wife. I have been threatened, abused, made homeless, lost my job, everything because of Ore. Ore was so full of lies...I have appeared on national TV to expose Ore. Gamble and his mate Turner found me and are now threatening me again.
I was forcably sterized by the government after Ore to keep my baby. I lost my job due to guilt by association. I have done FOI's on NSPCC and John Carr. Carr has admitted he only says what Gamble tells him to say. I got into a LIVE fight with Carr on Radio 5 about Ore- I was disconnected as soon as Carr realise who I was and said I could prove the D Notice and that the 'click here banner' didn't exist.
My husband and I were arrest while on holiday in Aug 2009. As no known adult to the family was available at 11 pm to take him, he was 'put in care'. The police have had now had to admit they falsely arrested us...but won't return my son... unless I want to 'change my tune' and admit that Jim Gamble is the 'children's saviour of the internet'.
Sorry, I will not be blackmailed.
Even the Nazi's admit my child is suffering harm in the care of the government- including him saying he suffered sexual harm by a 'friend' of the foster carer

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Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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