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15 Mar 2010

Paedophile Ring Protected By The State - Petition

The text of the Petition:

Robert Green, a journalist, and MP candidate for Aberdeen Scotland, has been pursuing the case of a paedophile ring consisting high level state officials, including a Judge, police officers, social workers, nurses, lawyers and "child rape" swinger families, involving the ritual abuse of a child called Hollie Grieg and others. He has systematically been halted in his progress to spread the message of truth, by magistrates, politicians, and senior police officers in Aberdeen.

Robert was arrested by Grampian Police on Feb 12th for "breaching the peace" and upon being released the following Monday 15th, was legally prevented by the very people he seeks to expose, abusing their positions of power, from informing the public on these matters.

Journalists from the BBC took up this story only to later drop it when they were threatened from higher ranks that they would be fired if they pursued the case. The same situation has arisen with police officers trying to investigate, who have been ordered by senior officers to drop the case.

The appalling implications of this case are profound and disturbing as it is now obvious it involves people at the highest levels.

This despicable abuse of children and authority is now well known and we are not prepared to sit idly by while the perpetrators get away with it, whilst using the "law" to punish Robert Green as an example to those who will practice free speech in their pursuit of justice.

We, the mothers and fathers and children of Scotland and the United Kingdom demand that those who are guilty of these crimes are brought to justice and that those who seek to expose them for their crimes are not abused themselves by corrupt members of the Law establishment.

And justice for Hollie Greig and Robert Green, and all concerned human beings who know right from wrong.

Article by Stephen Armstrong in The Telegraph, 13 March 2010: "The dark side of Swedish society" where, he says, state-sanctioned violent sexual abuse, paedophilia, rape and the trafficking of children for sex is facilitated by highly placed lawyers and doctors.

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Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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