Daily Express photographer, Mike Gunnill: "The name's Bond, Mike G Bond" licensed to thrill

Just a Thought You Know forum

Tony Bennett's stalker - joining various forums to report him to Carter Ruck to help silence those who don't believe in the McCann's 'abductor' fairytale.

Above comment posted by Mike Gunnill on 'Just a thought you know' forum where he refers to using my forum to entrap Tony Bennett.

"The forum was the only place TB seemed to post, I think he thinks its a safe place where he is " looked after! ". A sort of ~safe-havern~ . It seemed the best idea at the time and I was following instructions.

Just after posting and revealing the truth I was banned and thrown out. So I repeated the posting here as that forum was trying to stop the information coming out."


Not quite true is it Mike? You said this:

1) A courier this morning at 08.00 collected the envelope, 60 Reasons book, 10 Reasons leaflet, a receipt signed by Anthony Bennett plus emails between myself and Mr Bennett. The book was purchased by contacting Mr Bennett directly via email. The money was posted to his home address in Harlow. Cash was sent ( £5 ) as payment, because I didn't want to send a cheque made payable to Mrs Bennett as requested by Anthony Bennett at the same address.

2) Mr Bennett has admitted selling a copy of 60 Reasons to me. There are two further examples but I only required proof of one sale.

3) I am grateful to this forum for allowing me to make public and open contact with Mr Anthony Bennett.

4) The third party has asked me not make any further comment or postings, which I have agreed to do. I have also agreed to make a personal statement to the third party.

If you're not going to post then not much point being a member is there? Especially a sneaky member with a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with finding the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann, but everything to do with helping to silence the McCann's critics for Carter Ruck.


Details of Gunnill's dirty tactics can be seen here

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