Missing Madeleine forum: Debbie Butler v Tony Bennett

Oh dear, I've been banned from the Missing Madeleine forum.

Members of the Forum will know that it is strictly forbidden to discuss anything to do with the Madeleine Foundation since the Chairman Debbie Butler took a personal issue to the forum and expected members to take sides - some did, but others chose to remain impartial, myself included, particularly as I'd supported both Debbie Butler and Tony Bennett on this blog and didn't know what to believe as allegations were being made without any firm proof.

The effect of this unprofessionalism brought the Foundation into disrepute and it has been disbanded, with Ms Butler being ousted by the Committee.

However, although discussion is forbidden on the main forum, it was perfectly acceptable in the 'SS Section' (a private section) where it is not difficult to appreciate that the mods and admin are firmly on Debbie Butler's side, except for a few members who continued to voice their concerns and question Debbie's motives as it's been inferred she is in 'cahoots' with Clarence Mitchell and Carter-Ruck - both of whom are not great fans of Tony Bennett, it has to be said. Some members have been banned from the forum for letting it be known that they didn't support Debbie Butler's behaviour. I am the latest casualty.

Yesterday, an email was posted in the private section - which looked photoshopped to me - and it was said the email was from Tony Bennett to a member of the Foundation who he thought he could trust.

Not so.

Tony's email (content relevant to Debbie, but not relevant for this blog) was forwarded by the recipient to Admin, and Debbie Butler, and was posted on the private forum and was pulled apart like a piece of meat by a pack of hungry budgerigars.

It was suggested by some that the email was fake. I also wanted to know if the email was fake so, rather than read one-sided arguments, I sent the copy of Tony's email back to Tony himself, for clarification, who agreed it was real and I posted his reply in the forum to try to clear up the matter.

Bad move, apparently. All hell broke loose without further ado as it soon became apparent that Tony wasn't supposed to know his emails are being circulated to all and sundry. Seems it's ok for that to happen but it's not ok for him to know about it.

It transpires that his email had been posted in the forum without the knowledge of the original recipient, either, and they were all scared this person would find out. It would seem, also, that the person in question is not a member of the private forum so was unable to have her say.

I was then informed by Debbie Butler, via private message, that I was to be reported to the police for sending Tony's property back to him to ask if the email was genuine - even though the real crime, I would have thought, was that of forwarding his email to Admin in the first place, and posting it on a private forum in an obvious attempt to set him up for another fall.

I can just imagine the conversation at the police station:

Debbie: "Officer, I want to report a woman for sending Tony Bennett's email back to him after it was secretly sent to me by my mole, and posted in a forum so that I could get people to take my side in a war that I created."

Police officer: "Thank the Lord you're here again! I was just about to go out and rescue three children left home alone in an unlocked apartment with an abductor on the prowl while their parents are at the pub, but this is far more important and just what taxpayers need to know their money is being spent on! By the way, aren't you the woman who was in here last week trying to get Tony Bennett investigated for serious fraud that turned out not to be true and you were warned for wasting police time?"

Not sure how BB1 reckons I've spread it further when I haven't even mentioned what the topic of the email - dated 11 November - was about and the name on the email was blackened out, presumably by Ambersuz prior to posting...and yet BB1 knew all about it weeks ago!

Oops! Blunderwoman strikes again. You wouldn't also be pretending to be a journalist and auditor would you? Link

According to the above screenshot, Mrs Trellis heard this story 'on the grapevine' and broke the news about this email in BB1s forum - which presumably means she either has access to Ambersuz's secret forum, or is 'working with' Ambersuz and Debbie to bring Tony down after Debbie's 'late night chats with Clarence Mitchell'. Link

I hope the McCanns have paid you well to do this Debbie to make it worth your while to destroy people, then blame other people and report them to the police when they find out what you're up to. I've not had a visit from the police yet for my serious crime of telling Tony that his email was being circulated - by you as it transpires...

It should be noted that Mr Bennett was not bound by any court undertaking on 4 November, which means the selling of the books was not an issue.

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