Missing Madeleine forum and Debbie Butler and their thirst to destroy people who seek justice for Madeleine McCann

I have been blogging about the mysterious disappearance of Maddie McCann for some time now and have created a blog that has attracted many visitors from around the world. In the side bar I have tried to tell the story of Maddie by using quotes from the people involved in her case. I have been told many times that my blog is sick - I would have to agree because, as I said, the quotes come from, not only, Maddie's parents, but their friends too. This is a case the likes of which I've never seen before nor wish to ever see again. It stinks of corruption.

I haven't blogged for a few days now because I am experiencing personal problems in that my mother is now coming to the end of her life. She has terminal cancer and is expected to die any day now.

During this very stressful time I have endured attacks from Debbie Butler, Chairman of the former Madeleine Foundation, and her associates Brenda Ryan, founder of the now-obsolete 3 Arguidos forum and, more recently, the Admin of the Missing Madeleine forum, 'Ambersuz' - even though they are well aware of the situation with my mother. The reason for the attacks is because I committed the heinous crime of asking Tony Bennett if a private email of his, that was posted by Ambersuz in her forum, was genuine. I then posted his response. Not long afterwards, I received a private message from Debbie Butler saying she was going to report me to the police for doing this. As yet I have had no visit from the police for asking Tony if the email was genuine, despite further threats from her.

Also, during the very stressful time of seeing my mother approach the end of her life I have offered my blog to the banned members of the Missing Madeleine forum who were not allowed to ask questions about the dispute between Debbie Butler and Tony Bennett as only one side of the story was allowed to be talked about - which was Debbie's. It was agreed by most members that this dispute should never have been taken to the forum in the first instance and that it should have been sorted out between themselves in private. The first article attracted over 400 comments.

In the meantime, Ambersuz has now joined in an attack on me as outlined in this post here.

I have tried my best to help those who seek justice for Maddie but, ironically, I have been trashed by fellow justice seekers if, indeed, that's what they really are.

Make of that what you will since it's been discovered the three 'justice seekers' have been 'in cahoots' with Clarence Mitchell and one by one we see forums and blogs shut down or abandoned.

I have now decided to step back from this blog and concentrate on the time I have left with my mother. As you can see, it's nearly 2.30am and am still awake churning over the mess that Debbie Butler has created. I can't be doing with this anymore.

I won't be closing this blog, unless Carter Ruck get their way, but I won't be posting for a while, if at all ever again.

Thank you all for reading this blog and I hope one day that Maddie will receive the justice she so richly deserves.

Bye for now xx
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The death of a parent is excruciating to experience, so I can't imagine what it would be like if it was the other way round and a parent was experiencing the death of their child.

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