Welcome to Glenfield Hospital

Welcome to Glenfield Hospital - the 'usual residential address' of Dr Gerry McCann's Find Madeleine Fund

Glenfield Hospital is about three miles north west of Leicester city centre. Tiffany Manser, Head of Communications, at Glenfield hospital has generously supported Dr Gerry McCann's Find Madeleine Fund by allowing him to register the Fund at Companies House using Glenfield hospital as his residential address. Similarly, the hospital website links directly to the Find Madeleine Fund to enable Dr McCann to accept donations, however large, from members of the public. Dr Gerry McCann is renowned for his nationally recognised, government-approved child neglect programme and fundraising advice.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) is made up of Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary, collectively known as 'Team McCann Hospitals of Leicester'. Team McCann comprises of Dr Gerry McCann, who is a cardiologist and a prime suspect in the disappearance/concealment of his daughter's body; Dr Doug Skehan who is Dr McCann's supervisor and a director of the Find Madeleine Fund; and Dr David Payne who is suspected of paedophilia and is also, probably, a director of the Find Madeleine Fund.

Dr Gerry McCann made use of the Fund to retain a dozen or so staff ranging from ex-detectives, private investigators, libel lawyers and a double-glazing magnate, to Sir Richard Branson who is the Vice-President of the NHS Patients Association. If you would like to work for Dr Gerry McCann, and have particular skills in money laundering and propaganda, you can contact him via the Leicester Police website, which links directly to Dr McCann's Find Madeleine website.

Dr Gerry McCann provides a wide range of child neglecting services to people of all ages and backgrounds and, in recent times, many parents, including Karen Matthews, have used their 'McCann-style' parenting skills to enrich their own lifestyles. Dr McCann takes no responsibility whatsoever for those who fucked up and are now in prison.

Dr McCann is also involved in a number of research projects including The Madeleine Foundation and the 'Get Goncalo Amaral Campaign' and, before becoming a prime suspect, he graciously accepted a six figure grant from the British Heart Foundation. Working with lawyers and ex detectives, Dr McCann's aim is to ensure the very best standards of child neglect, that fall well within the bounds of responsible parenting as approved by Leicester Social Services.

Dr Gerry McCann, although allegedly confined to working behind the scenes, can be seen on the ward simulating treatment of a patient, that was televised for the benefit of the recent Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary: 'Madeleine Was Here' which was filmed after negotiations to take part in the Official Portuguese Police reconstruction broke down due to the disruption it would cause to his busy schedule.

Becoming a member of Team McCann Hospitals of Leicester is totally free. As a member you will not have the chance to have your say about what’s happening in your local hospitals and you will not be able to request information via FOI.

All requests for interviewing / photographing Dr Gerry McCann and his wife, Kate, must be made through their government-appointed spokesman, Clarence Mitchell. Mr Mitchell was formerly of the Media Monitoring Unit that employed over 40 staff and whose responsibility it was to control what came out in the media. Mr Mitchell was also involved with the mysterious deaths of Dr David Kelly, Princess Diana and Milly Dowler. Mr Mitchell would appreciate as much notice as possible for interview or filming requests as scripts need to be prepared and rehearsed well in advance.

Dr Gerry McCann and his wife, Kate, aim to provide the best possible facilities and environment for themselves. The McCanns receive funding to their NGO Fund for libel suits, but there is always more that you can do to improve things for them and that's why they need your help.

Each year generous companies and individuals help them to raise much-needed funds to help pay their mortgage and pay for luxury hotel accommodation. If you would like to donate towards the increasing luxury lifestyle of Dr Gerry McCann and his wife, Kate, then please contact Leicester Police who will be more than happy to direct you to the McCann's website where you will find a gigantic paypal button that is bigger than any outdated photograph of their daughter, Madeleine.

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