Thought for the day: Only in Praia da Luz

What are the chances of this, I ask you?

Did the McCanns get up each morning and have a conference about what they were going to wear that day before discussing their plan of action for finding missing Madeleine?

Surely it wasn't simply a case of "oops, we did it again!"?

Okay, so in the great scheme of things (e.g. your child is missing and believed to be giving her tuppence worth to a swarthy paedophile and time was of the essence to get tshirts printed, get good quality wristbands and an inflatable billboard on order, organise a trip to the Vatican and get a Fund set up get out and physically look for her) this observation is not of great importance - but when a child is missing I wonder why they did find it so important to be dressed alike or, at the very least, colour co-ordinated?

I find it intriguing that they had to wear the same shade denim, the same length trousers, the same colour tshirts, or the same colour jogging outfits....

It's almost as if there were two sets of happy McCann twins after 'difficult to control' Maddie disappeared.

But this only seemed to happen in Praia da Luz.

As did this.

No sooner did they arrive back in the UK than all this tomfoolery stopped without further ado.

It makes me wonder what other fakery went on in Praia da Luz, doesn't it you?

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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