Sunday Express: Maddie Exclusive - all 3 children drugged

"McCann detectives believe kidnapper may have had key"

Sunday October 11,2009

By James Murray

The kidnapper of Madeleine McCann drugged her and her twin brother and sister so they would all be quiet while she was snatched.

A duplicate key may also have been used to gain entrance to the holiday apartment where the children were sleeping, say investigators.

It means the monster is still a threat to children living or holidaying on Portugal’s Algarve and must be caught urgently as he is highly likely to reoffend.

Former police detectives David Edgar and Arthur Cowley have spent months re-analysing every shred of evidence.

They are convinced the abductor went to the family’s apartment on May 3 2007 fully prepared with sufficient drugs, probably chloroform, to knock out all three children.

The fact that Sean and Amelie, then just 18 months old, failed to wake when the alarm was raised, nor even as they were taken to another apartment in the cold night air, has persuaded the detectives that they, too, must have been drugged.

Had the twins been tested for drugs immediately, any medication used could have been established, making it easier to identify the kidnapper, but vital time was lost.

Chloroform can be made easily and other sedatives, such as the horse tranquilliser ketamine, are commonly in circulation in the criminal underworld.

Even now, however, experts say there may be forensic clues on clothing or bedding which could yield a breakthrough.

The Sunday Express can further reveal that the McCanns’ private detectives are working on a solid theory about exactly how Madeleine was abducted.

Just as television investigator Donal MacIntyre suggested in this paper three weeks ago, they believe there was a dry run prior to the kidnap that fateful night at apartment 5a of the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz.

While checking the layout of the apartment the night before, the kidnapper probably woke Sean, who in turn woke Madeleine. In the morning she had told Kate and Gerry she was frightened.

The fact that the children woke up is thought to have persuaded the kidnapper to use knock-out drugs when he returned the next night to take Madeleine, three.

On the question of the duplicate key, holidaymakers often left front door keys under the doormats during the day.

A theory emerging is that the kidnapper had a duplicate key to apartment 5a, which could have been used on the night to enter by the front door.

Mr Edgar and Mr Cowley do not believe Madeleine was taken through an open window as it would have been awkward, time consuming and there were no forensic clues left behind.

It is far more likely, they say, that he simply walked out of the front door with her in his arms. It had been thought that the front door was double locked, making it impossible to open from the inside, but this doubt falls away if there was a duplicate key.

The theory suggests the kidnapper had been targeting the apartment for a long time and had a detailed knowledge of the lock system.

With the front door unlocked, it is easy to simply pull a latch across to open it from the inside.

Another possibility is that the front door was not double-locked when Kate and Gerry left through the unlocked patio doors to join their seven friends at the resort’s tapas bar some 30 metres from their apartment.
Source: Sunday Express
Fiona Payne's statement: Kate kept checking twins to see if they were breathing


Kate Marie McCann

Mother of Madeleine Beth McCann

Date of birth: 05 March 1968

Place of birth: Allerton, Liverpool, England

Maiden name: Kate Marie Healy

Date of marriage: 1998

Education: Notre Dame Catholic High School, Everton Valley, Liverpool (11-18 years)

Employment: P/T GP (General Practitioner) in Melton

Kate studied medicine at the University of Dundee, in Scotland. She initially specialised in gynaecology but later changed to become an anaesthetist.


A few comments from a forum:

"The fact that Sean and Amelie, then just 18 months old, failed to wake when the alarm was raised, nor even as they were taken to another apartment in the cold night air, has persuaded the detectives that they, too, must have been drugged."

Well, there you go.

Regardless of the bizarre, implausible, stupid and rococo pseudo-explanation the pseudo-detectives offer for their discovery of the logical impossibility after all this time ... they have still confirmed that the children did not awaken.

Now, given that they insist an abduction took place and that was the reason for the drugging, and they base the drugging - none of which is supported by any evidence whatsoever - on the failure of the children to awaken, we are left with the now-declared FACTS that the children did not awaken during the alleged abduction and that this is an oddity in the case which requires an explanation.

We are one step closer to the truth, by accident and stupidity.

This is a critical mistake by the McCann side. The biggest one for some time. Why is this provoked?

At any rate ... why drug three children and take the eldest? How does one person drug all three simultaneously? Which would you drug first?

The problem remains: none awoke during an abduction. THAT is the fact. This drug theory arrives only afterwards in an effort to explain that one damning fact. And it is a piss-poor explanation.

The fact remains. And the easiest point of departure for an explanation of this fact is ... they did not awaken because there was no abduction.

Cue PC Plod's hand on the shoulders of Mr & Mrs.
On the night of May 3, Kate McCann was just panicking, frightened for Madeleine and wondering what happened to her, according to a statement from Fiona Payne. She described to police what she saw, when she returned to the McCann apartment, after searching the area around Ocean Club, with other members of the group of friends, for five to ten minutes, following the alert that Madeleine was missing.
She went inside the children's room, noticed Madeleine's bed had the sheets quite kind of neatly, and the twins were fast asleep in their cots. While she opened the cupboards in the room, they remained asleep and didn't stir at all - something she thought was odd.

Kate McCann was frightened and the sensation of not being able to do anything made her angry, howling and punching and kicking walls – the reason why she was covered in bruises the next day, according to the statement of Fiona Payne.

Questioned if the twins didn't wake up, at all, she said they didn't and Kate kept going into the twins, kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, as she seemed very much concerned in checking they were okay.
Fiona Payne remembered that the twins never wake up, with all the noise, the screaming and the shouting, not even when police came and the lights were turned on – something that she thought, at the time, was weird.
Well, well, well the detectives are finally making progress. All three children were drugged, the person responsible for Madeleine's disappearance had a key to 5a. Come on now Cowley and Edgar you are almost there, you now need to figure out who would have had access to drugs and who had a key (or would have had access to one) for 5a.

Suggestion -

The process of elimination

Access to drugs - Doctors - self prescription and illegal substance use is rife, abudance of academic papers to support this too.

Access to key - 1st - Apartment occupants, 2nd - friends of apartment occupants
And from Himself at the McCann Gallery:

Must have been the abductor then, made the bed I mean, he is some geezer I will have you know, let's take a look at what he managed to achieve in the ten minutes between McCann leaving the apartment at 9:05 and Tanner's sighting at 9:15.

He has entered the apartment via the only route available, the chimney, because he didn't come through the locked front door and he didn't come through the patio door because McCann and Wilkins were conspiring, sorry talking, immediately outside, and he wasn't already in the apartment as Goncalo Amaral has proved in his documentary.

Single handedly, and we must presume in the dark, he has sedated all three children, what other explanation can there be for Madeleine not to cry and the twins to remain comatose for hours on end despite all the uproar that was gong on at the time?

So once having removed Madeleine from her bed our thoughtful abductor, in the dark, sets to and makes the bed, and a pretty damn good job he made of it if you ask me. I mean with that kind of natural domesticity he wouldn't have a problem getting a position anywhere as a maid or a cleaner.

Having made the bed our geezer has noiselessly opened the shutters, don't forget in the still of the night our good doctor was talking with Jez Wilson, program maker and good mucker of Donal MacIntyre, not but a few meters away, what they were discussing I know not, perhaps our good doctor was relaying his recent proud father moments, or perhaps his recent conversion to Islam as only a lttle later that evening he would demonstrate

So having noiselessly raised said shutters, our abductor geezer negotiates, in the darkened room the various obstacles, whilst carrying a silent Madeleine, and then proceeds to climb out of a small window, the ledge of which being some three feet of the ground.

He achievement in all this is quite remarkable, if not surely unique, for our abductor has completed all this without leaving at the crime scene, not one skin cell, not one fibre, not one fingerprint, not one shoe-print, not one scuff mark, nothing, nothing at all, zilch, zero, it's just as though he was never there at all.

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