Parenthood is a privilege this monster didn’t deserve

By Lorraine Kelly

WHENEVER I read a story about child neglect and cruelty I always think of those women and men who are desperate but unable to be parents, who’d give anything for the privilege of bringing a child into the world.

The latest appalling case involved a 22-year-old single mother-of-four from Blackburn in Lancashire, who went off on a 24-hour bender and left her children home alone.

The oldest child was just four. The youngest was a three-month-old baby.

This appalling excuse for a mother was only found out when her distraught eldest daughter was seen hanging out the window crying for her mum.

Shocked police officers entered a filthy and disgusting hovel littered with empty beer cans and bottles. The baby was lying in a urine-soaked cot and there was debris and rubbish everywhere. The poor children were starving.

The mother was found guilty of four charges of neglect and will be sentenced later this month, but she can’t be named in order to “protect” her kids.


I sincerely hope those four little mites are now being looked after properly by someone who will give them the love and attention they need.

You can’t help but wonder how often they were left scared, hungry and all on their own. Anything could have happened to them and it’s only through sheer luck they weren’t seriously hurt or even killed.

The little girl could have fallen from the window and any one of them could have taken a tumble. What possible chance of a decent future do children like that have if they’re never shown care and compassion, or taught basic life skills like how to keep themselves and their homes clean?

Some people just don’t deserve to have kids, and as much as this story upset and angered me I think how much worse it must be for childless couples who would make excellent parents.

The mother could find herself in jail, but it’s clear she isn’t fit to look after her children and they would be far better off being fostered or adopted, ideally as a family unit so they can all stay together.

Sadly their feckless mother is young enough to have more kids that she can neglect and mentally scar for life.

Meanwhile desperate couples put themselves through expensive and draining IVF treatment to fulfil their dreams of parenthood.

Life can be very unfair.
Source: The Sunday Post

In contrast, Lorraine Kelly has this to say about Kate and Gerry McCann, who did pretty much the same thing:

Question: You have been quite vocal in your defence of Kate and Gerry McCann. Why do you think so many people are suspicious of them?

"I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for Kate and Gerry McCann. I can't begin to imagine how they have suffered and they have been so brave in their battle to find their daughter. No one knows better than them how stupid it was to leave their kids alone that night, but what a price they paid. I think the way they have been vilified is appalling and inhumane. They will never rest until they find Madeline and they can never really have any peace until they know what happened to their little girl. It is a living hell."

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