Of lobsters and vultures

By Nigel Nessling - McCann supporter

During one of the jobs I had prior to the one I am in now, we had a talk on boosting self confidence. We were told a story about lobster fishermen.

Aparently, in most of the lobster pots, when they bring it to the surface, there is often one lobster that has been attacked, even mutilated by the others. Why? It seems that once they are in the pot, they are resigned to the fact that they can't get out. They accept it as the natural order of things. But sometimes one lobster decides he doesn't want to be in the pot, and so tries to get out, and climbs up the side of the pot. This enrages the other lobsters, who then pull it back down to their level. If the errant lobster continues to try to make a break for it the attacks become ever more vicious, with legs and claws being ripped off, all because the one lobster wants to better his situation.

Kate and Gerry both came from humble, working class backgrounds. But they had the brains, the guts and the dedication to decide to better themselves. By sheer hard work they climbed the side of the lobster pot, and achieved a better social status and life for themselves. This, unfortunatly, enraged the other lobsters, who are now doing everything they can to tear their limbs off, and IMO, explains all the crap comments about 'If they were working class, etc' They WERE working class.

But lobsters are envious creatures.

But they were supposed to be looking for Madeleine not bettering themselves.

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