The Mystery of Madeleine McCann: What we DO know

By Woodward on Missing Madeleine forum

1 The holiday apartment from which Madeleine disappeared was not broken into, the shutters were NOT "jemmied" and the bedroom window was opened from the INSIDE.

2. The distance on foot by the shortest route from the tapas bar to the apartment patio doors was approx 350 feet.

3. The apartment balcony could NOT be clearly viewed fron the tapas dining table and witness evidence suggest the mccanns had their backs to the apartment.

4. The bedroom in which the children slept was on the opposite side of the building to the tapas bar.

5. The aerobics teacher did NOT join the groups table on the Thurs NIGHT 3RD MAY it was Tuesday the 1st May.

6. The McCanns and their children did NOT have tea at the restaurant on the beach on 3rd May but all their friends and their children did- confirmed by CCTV evidence.

7. The incident of prolonged crying was evidenced by the upstairs neighbour on the TUES 1st May-not Wednesday the 2nd MAY as often misreported -indeed Clarence Mitchell stated that Rachael Oldfield was at home all evening on the Wednesday and did NOT hear any crying from next door.

8. The famous tennis ball photo was taken on the morning of Tuesday 1ST May NOT Thursday 3rd May.

9. There is NO evidence of an abduction.

10. The McCanns want to silence those who do not believe the abduction scenario.

The McCann's Reputation Management Team

Leaving No Stone Unturned


speak your mind said...

We also know the McCanns were able to laugh out loud within days, blog and jog...
Jill Im still waiting for Tony to send details of the cardiff you ahve any idea what is happening?..The meeting is tomorrow.

jkh said...

Hi sym

I had this email from Tony this morning:

Cardiff meeting

Just to confirm that this is still ON. It will be at a restaurant in Cardiff where we have a room boked from 12noon to 6.00pm. We are, as before, providing free lunch. If you definitely want to come but don't yet have the venue, please e-mail me or preferably 'phone me today 07835 716537.

PND said...

Something occurred to me at this late hour whilst browsing the page on Dr Martin Robert's analysis of Gerry and Kate McCann's speeches,

A deep nagging within that I couldn't quite place my finger on.

I had been for over an hour absorbing Gerry McCann's answers to questions, media interviews and speeches.

It was only when I came to the last page that I concluded where I had heard such similar statements before... and realized why they sounded so familiar, one name popped into my head .......

....."Scott Peterson"

Scott Peterson's wife Laci and their unborn baby had been missing for months, he gave media interviews , collected money and smiled his way through the months until she was found and it was concluded finally that he had murdered his wife and dumped her into the ocean where he went fishing on occasions

He repeats the same phrases as Gerry does, their wording is almost the same, as are their mannerisms and speech fluctuations. Scott was always stating in media interviews:

"I am innocent, we need to stop investigating me, and keep the public eye on Laci, investigating me stops people from looking for Laci. keep Laci's picture and story out there, this is what I am here for today, we have to keep her picture out there"

Gerry says the same exact thing day in day out....

Something to ponder eh?

Go check out some of Scott Peterson's transcripts.

Anonymous said...

Leics. Police link to 'Fraudulent fund' removed? GM brother & Dr Skehan no longer Directors of the fund? Drs. Payne, Oldfield no longer employed in Leics. hospitals. Does this mean the wheels are coming off the McCann bandwagon, or is this a planned rundown of their enterprise ??