Madeleine McCann must be found

Maddie in Snow White outfit

By Dr Martin Roberts
22 October 2009


With more than a 1000 new leads generated in the wake of the McCanns' Lisbon Press conference, to be added to the unknown number previously accrued via the FindMadeleine website and a publicity drive in Portugal imminent, a team of two private investigators, however experienced, cannot possibly keep abreast of developments, much less get ahead sufficiently to follow through on the more promising reports. And there are likely to be significantly more of these now that an injunction has prevented the distribution of discouraging information in the form of Goncalo Amaral's book The Truth of the Lie.

As the backlog of information builds up, so the date of Madeleine's return to her parents becomes ever more remote, her suffering ever more protracted. Decency alone requires that the British Government and/or the McCanns themselves request the case be re-opened, so that the necessary resources can be legitimately brought to bear on finding the child, now believed to be ensconced in the hinterland beyond Praia da Luz. With the Leicestershire Police continuing to pass information to their erstwhile colleagues in Portugal, the PJ must be given the mandate to act vigorously upon it. Since no one, including Madeleine's parents, knows whether she is alive or dead, the remit must include a topographical survey, to investigate sites of perceptible disturbance to terrain. The parents are of the opinion that Portugal is where 'the information lies,' hence that is where it should be sought.

A thorough trace should also be made of evidence, germane to the enquiry still, which appears since to have been mislaid, in order to discourage false reports and prevent the waste of time and resources that would be expended in following these up.

Now that the Portuguese Civil court is on the verge of impounding 1.2 million euros on behalf of the McCanns, there can be no grounds for protesting that the necessary extensive and exhaustive enquiry is beyond the collective means of both Portuguese and British Police forces. Whatever it costs to leave 'no stone unturned' these costs can surely now be met, since the McCanns own search fund is about to be replenished very substantially and their legal expenses, we are reminded, are met from other sources besides. A substantial reward for information, from within Portugal especially and contingent upon the little girl's recovery, should also be put up and widely advertised. After more than two years, whoever holds that 'key piece of information,' clearly requires more than a pang of conscience to divulge it.

The only thing Jaycee Dugard can be truly thankful for over the last eighteen years is that she is still alive. This in no way confers a guaranty on abductees everywhere. Quite simply, the longer a person is missing, the greater the potential for suffering.

Madeleine must be found, and the sooner the better for all concerned.

All in good time, Dr Roberts. The McCanns are far too busy suing everyone at the moment to look for their daughter. After all, Gerry reckons she's being treated like a princess in that secret lair in a lawless village in Praia da Luz so it seems Maddie will have to wait a little bit longer for her parents and the police to rescue her.

Hang in there, Maddie - the cavalry's a-coming! As your mum would say "Be brave, sweetheart and, while you're waiting, you just carry on giving that filthy swine his tuppenceworth."

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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