Jane Tanner and the Pyjama Game

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By Dr Martin Roberts
24 October 2009


The progressive improvement of Jane Tanner's memory, and the concomitant evolution of her eye witness account of Madeleine McCann's hypothesized abduction, have been widely discussed already. In her witness statement taken on 4 May, 2007, Jane Tanner 'reports having seen a man carrying a child, with a hurried walk, it being this detail together with the fact that the child dressed in pyjamas, without being wrapped up in a blanket, that caught her attention. The child appeared to be older than a baby. She was barefoot and was wearing what appeared to be cotton pyjamas of a light colour (possibly white or light pink). She is not certain, but has the impression a design on the pyjamas, possibly a floral pattern, but she is not certain.'

Fundamentally, the more diffuse her recollection of any blanket (none were said to be missing from apartment 5A at the time), the more precise becomes the description of pyjamas.

For a week's holiday in self-catering accommodation (dining out optional) one would surely 'travel light' - one week, one pair of pyjamas each; there are laundry facilities after all, so you can quickly take care of unexpected mishaps such as 'tea' stains, especially in a warm climate conducive to quick drying.

So it is then, that we read an account of understandable parsimony in the sharing of resources while abroad:

'As the family waited fearfully for news, they faced the agonising reality of trying to explain to their toddler twins why their big sister was no longer there.

"That was terrible for them," says John McCann, Mr McCann's elder brother, who has also travelled to Portugal to help search for his niece.

"Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas and the baby said: 'Maddy's jammies. Where is Maddy?' But she is too young to understand. And how do you explain? All we know is that Madeleine needs her family. She loves us, we love her. It is time for her to come home."' (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 May, 2007).

Thus, in an article published twelve days after the announcement of Madeleine's disappearance, John McCann, speaking in the past tense, informs us that shortly after the little girl went missing, 'Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas.'

How was this possible? Madeleine had been wearing her pyjamas when she was carried off! Amelie was not dressed in Madeleine's spare set. There wasn't one. Had there been they would have been advertised as such for the benefit of the BBC's Crimewatch audience on 4 June, 2007, as well as to the Berlin press pack two days later. Brandishing a 'slightly smaller' edition belonging to Amelie should not have been necessary ('Smiling wanly, Mrs McCann looked down at the pyjamas in her lap and added:

"These are virtually identical, but these are little bit smaller because they are Amelie's."') (Daily Mail, 5 June, 2007).

And if Amelie possessed her own pyjamas 'virtually identical' to those of Madeleine, why on earth should Kate have dressed her in her sister's version of the same, spare set or no? The blatant contradictions here suggest either ghoulishly morbid behaviour on Kate McCann's part or a devastating hole in the McCann dyke.

For Amelie to have worn Madeleine's pyjamas within days of her elder sister's being 'taken' there can be only one explanation; that her pyjamas had, as if by magic, re-appeared.

But we grown-ups do not 'do magic.' Taken together with the subsequent disappearance of Madeleine's real comforter, her pink blanket, the conclusion this migration of clothing and bedding invites is obvious; as obvious as it was to those investigating the case originally, including Goncalo Amaral, and Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida, who saw fit to sign off on the following:

"From all that has been exposed, it results from the file that:

a) The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, on the evening/night of the 3rd of May 2007;

b) an abduction was simulated;

c) in order to render the child's death before 10 p.m. impossible, a situation of checking on the McCann couple’s children, while they slept, was made up;

d) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

e) at this moment in time, there seem to be no strong indications yet that the child's death was not the result of a tragic accident;

f) from all that has been established up to this moment, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in auto defence, does not want to hand over the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and that there is a strong possibility that it was moved from its initial location. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances under which the child’s death occurred."

(in: Process 201/07.0GALGS, volume XVII, page 2601)

Now when commentators speak of this case as being 'shrouded in mystery,' they little realise perhaps, quite how appropriate an expression this is.

Or how even gold/brown Nissan cars can simply 'disappear off the radar'

Excerpt from Jane Tanner's Rogatory interview on 8 April, 2008:

4078: "And again I am going to ask about cars"
Jane Tanner: "Yeah"
4078: "Were there any? Did you notice any cars around?"
Jane Tanner: "There were cars around but, phew... because you've often got them, say, sort of down this bit here. But I can’t remember what they were or I didn't notice anything that looked odd, you know, no car that seemed to be standing out from anything else, so..."
4078: "No?"
Jane Tanner: "No"
4078: "So you didn't notice any car headlights or noises from cars?"
Jane Tanner: "No, no, because I think, you know, if I'd heard sort of a car screech off quickly at that point, I probably would have... would have taken notice, I think"


'In September 2003, the McCanns and their friends Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Mampilly, Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner spent a week in Umbria in Italy, where they went to attend David and Fiona Payne's wedding.' (The Forbidden Investigation).

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