I see it now

By Transfattyacid

Now I'm no expert on kidnapping children but....

The 'revelations' in the Sunday Express make no sense.

For instance why if they had the opportunity to take the children the night before, did they not take them? The idea that they returned the following evening to drug them is just fanciful.

As is this idea that they had duplicate keys - made by looking under the mat, where apparently residents were in the habit of leaving the key - who does that? Oh sure it happens all the time in Ealing comedies, but in real life?

I'm more interested in why the McCann spin machine, and it's tamed mouthpiece the Sunday Express are suddenly seeking to explain things that they spent so much time dismissing - for instance the suggestion the twins had been drugged.

I particularly loved this tautology - "The Sunday Express can further reveal that the McCanns’ private detectives are working on a solid theory about exactly how Madeleine was abducted."

And it is curious that with all this talk of chloroform and ketamine flying about that the McCann's detectives seem to have overlooked that Kate McCann was once an aneathetist (or however you spoll it) - or that it is pretty common knowledge - certainly more common than the idea that people routinely leave door keys under mats - that doctors have access to drugs, and often are in pocession of drugs that they should not have.

But we must not engage in this kind of dangerous thought - and instead focus on the plot being offered for perhaps the most elaborate heist movie ever made.

Which reminds me, has anyone seen a peguin acting suspiciously - perhaps in conjucntion with a jug eared man who sounds like Peter Salis and a very intelligent dog. Because it seems likely to me that the abductor would have had access to special boots that allowed him to walk on the ceiling - which in turn explains the complete lack of any evidence for an abductor.... other than a missing child and a heavily spun story.

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