Fury as Judge slashes sentence of Baby P's killer after deciding he poses no significant risk

A paedophile jailed over the death of Baby Peter will walk free in less than two years after judges slashed his prison sentence yesterday.

Child protection campaigners accused judges of 'spitting on Baby P's grave' after the Appeal Court ruled that Jason Owen was not dangerous enough to be locked up indefinitely.
A panel of judges admitted that Owen, 37, was 'feckless and irresponsible', that he posed some risk of offending again and that he could be a danger to the public after his release.

But they still cut his jail sentence for his role in Baby P's horrific abuse and death to just six years because they did not believe he posed a ' significant' risk.

This means he will serve only three years - and he will be out on licence in less than two years.

Owen, who is a former crack cocaine addict and convicted arsonist, will be freed in August 2011, because of time he has already served behind bars.

Yesterday's ruling was greeted with fury by child protection groups, who warned that other children could be put at risk.

Michele Eliot, of the children's charity Kidscape, said: 'Three years is not enough. If there's even the slightest risk that this man could reoffend then he should not be allowed out of jail.

'The law is meant to protect the most vulnerable. It has failed Baby P and now it spits on his grave. What world do these judges live in? It is absolutely outrageous.'

Full article in Daily Mail

Note: Here's another WTF article in today's Daily Mail regarding the Justice System in this country: £1m stolen in 665 raids. Yet burglar walks free... and is given a new home - based on these two articles alone surely it must give 'renewed hope' to the McCanns that they will get away with whatever it was they did with their daughter, and their subsequent fraudulent fund.

It's looking good for you, McCanns, it's looking good. You might even get a new home out of it if you haven't already finished paying your mortgage off with public money, that is.

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