Britain's worst parent

A single mother was branded Britain's worst parent today (what, worse than Baby P's mum or the one at the end of this post?) after she left her four children home alone - so she could go on a 24-hour drinking binge.

The 22-year-old woman knocked back a bottle of wine before leaving home for the drink-fuelled tour of town centre bars and house parties.

The alarm was only raised when her eldest daughter was spotted hanging out of the window sobbing: 'Where's mummy?'

A worried relative broke into the house and found inside a one-year-old boy soaked in urine in his cot in a bedroom on his own.

A three-year-old girl had managed to dress herself and the most upset was the oldest girl.

The four-year-old had attempted to mix a feed for the youngest child, aged just three months, who was crying with hunger.

The youngest baby was in a travel cot with no blanket and was wet through and wearing a soiled nappy.

There was dried milk and sick all over his clothing.

He was said to be grey, docile and his forehead 'sunken'.

Police later arrived at the property in Blackburn, Lancashire, to find it littered with empty beer cans and bottles.

One sickened policewoman who examined the house said: 'It was a scene of filth and disorder.'

Kitchen chairs had been pushed up to the units and there were children's footprints in the milk powder where the youngsters had tried to climb up to the cupboards.

Today the mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, was warned by a judge she faced jail after she admitted four charges of child neglect.

Her case was adjourned at Preston Crown Court whilst a report by social services is prepared.

The children are now in care and the mother is only allowed supervised access.

Full article in Daily Mail
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Parents of the Year, Darlings of the Media

Able to leave their kids Home Alone all week but get away with it because they're doctors and they're better than you and me.

And they are turned into celebrities and have an audience with the Pope and Oprah Winfrey.

Oh, and get paid millions.

So if you wanna neglect your kids til one dies then be an NHS doctor not a chav.


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