Britain passes Big Brother landmark:

By James Slack
Last updated at 4:18 AM on 28th October 2009

A Big Brother landmark has been passed with ten per cent of the population now stored on the Government's DNA database.

In total, there are now an astonishing 5,532,847 individual profiles logged on the giant computer system - out of a population of 54million in England and Wales.

Around one million of those included on the system have never been convicted of any crime.

It will fuel the public backlash against the march towards a surveillance state, with polling released today showing eight out of ten voters are now fed-up with the increased use of surveillance powers.

Shadow Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said: 'The Government has been obsessed with growing the DNA database for the sake of it regardless of guilt or innocence.

'Despite being told that their approach is unlawful they have been dragging their feet about doing anything about it.

The polling, carried out for the civil liberties pressure group Big Brother Watch by PoliticsHome, found 45 per cent of respondents answered ‘strongly agree’ and 34 per cent ‘somewhat agree’ with the statement: 'Our freedoms are being eroded by a Big Brother state'.

Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch, said: 'Britain is a country rightly known around the world as a cradle of liberty and freedom. But as these results show, most people now feel that our freedoms are being eroded."

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A couple more Big Brothers ready to erode your freedom.


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