Are Kate and Gerry McCann set to sue Martin Grime and South Yorkshire Police or just paving their way for their defence against Amaral?

Martin Grime: 'People aren't right 100 per cent of the time. Otherwise they wouldn't be human.'

If the McCanns aren't intending to sue Martin Grime, then why not?

The McCanns have never disputed the evidence found by Eddie and Keela - they have only defended it by saying that Kate took Cuddlecat to work and the scent of death was transferred to it from six cadavers, and that Sean developed a taste for seabass which produces cadaverine under certain circumstances.

Cadaver scent was found on, amongst other things:

1. Two items of Kate McCanns clothing
2. A childs red T-shirt (presumably Sean dribbled cadaverine from the sea bass on it)
3. Cuddlecat

including various locations in their holiday apartment and the car they hired more than twenty days after Madeleine disappeared. Blood was also found in some of the same locations which, surely, means that Keela was wrong aswell.

The evidence found in the boot of their hire car was also defended by saying the scent came from dirty nappies and rotten meat. Both dogs were apparently wrong in exactly the same places. What are the chances of that?

But it would seem that rather than sue Martin Grime they are more content to rubbish him and the dogs as per this article in the Daily Mail which also rubbishes the findings at Haut de la Garenne where children are alleged to have been abused and killed as outlined on Senator Stuart Syvret's blog. Apparently, Eddie the sniffer dog who is only trained to find odour is being rubbished because humans dug the area and found a piece of coconut shell.

As Martin Grime said: 'People aren't right 100 per cent of the time. Otherwise they wouldn't be human.'

Surely Madeleine's investigation must now be reopened?

The article in the Daily Mail by David Rose (who admitted that his pre-Iraq war reports were based on propaganda fed to him by the security services) goes on to say:

"According to a senior detective who worked on Harper's team, one factor was sniffer dog Eddie's handler, Martin Grime.

'Grime made a presentation, showing him [Harper] a video of the dog finding the "scent of death" in Kate and Gerry McCann's car,' the detective said.

'They were still formal suspects and the case had got worldwide publicity. It seemed to get Lenny very excited. I think Grime kind of bewitched him.'

Dave Warcup, Jersey's acting chief police officer, told The Mail on Sunday that he had appointed an independent team of auditors to examine Harper's spending. It includes two forensic accountants and a police expert in seizing criminals' assets.

The team's interim report, seen by this newspaper, reveals that Grime was paid £750 a day for the first seven days he spent on the island and £650 a day for the following 136 days.

Yet Grime, who had left South Yorkshire police in July 2007 and was selling his dogs' services through his private business, had failed to keep up the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) licence that certified Eddie as a police 'cadaver dog'.

Grime did have a second sniffer dog, Keela, but its licence expired a fortnight after they arrived in Jersey.

ACPO rules governing UK police dogs state: 'Dog and handler teams that fail to remain in-licence are deemed "not competent".'

Grime admitted to The Mail on Sunday that the dog's licence had lapsed. He said: 'After I retired, my dogs were tested according to my own standards which are more stringent than ACPO's. But Jersey is not in the UK, so they were in their rights to employ whoever they wanted.' He said his fees were 'all agreed' and that he had given Jersey a 'discount'.

Asked about the 'human remains' found by Eddie that turned out to be coconut, Grime said bizarrely: 'People aren't right 100 per cent of the time. Otherwise they wouldn't be human.'

The auditors' interim report concludes: 'It was an expensive mistake to bring in Mr Grime. It would have been far preferable and much cheaper to have tried to obtain appropriately trained dogs and handlers from UK police forces.'
Guest post from Lenny Harper on Stuart Syvret's blog

A comment from Senator Syvret's blog:

I have just read this article in the mail on line today, it totally discredits Lenny Harper and the Haut de la Garrene investigation yet again.

Could it have something to do with Clarence Mitchell,the McCanns and the cadaver dogs they used for both investigations. The mail seems to want to discredit the amazing work these incredible dogs do.

If these dogs were so unreliable sniffing the sent of human corpses why have they sent them out so readily to help in the recovery operation in Indonesia. I have copied and pasted the link to this article and also a link to Joana Morais blog which looks in detail at media manipulation.

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