American book about Maddie's disappearance defends Gonçalo Amaral's theory

The theory that Madeleine McCann was not abducted will again be printed on the pages of a book, this time authored by Brian Johnson. Written in English, “Faked Abduction” defends that the abduction theory was built to conceal what the book alleges to be the truth about what happened to Madeleine. The publishing is programmed for the internet and for the North American market before Christmas and is a response to the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “Madeleine, The Truth About The Lie”

by Rita Jordão

In a statement to SIC, one of the persons responsible for the book’s publication and the author of the website stated that he had been in negotiations with the former PJ inspector to publish the book on North American soil. “The negotiations were cancelled after the Portuguese judge’s decision, so we decided to write a book in English, which is factual and non speculative”, defended the person known as Stevo.

According to the same source, the title “Faked Abduction is the conclusion of deep investigative work. The document also includes countless excerpts from the files of the investigation that was carried out by the PJ, and is already being translated into German for possible international publication.

According to the author, the book “illustrates the various witnesses’ inconsistencies, the constant changes in the versions and the lack of cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, known as the Tapas 7, with the police”. “The McCanns have tried to prevent people from publishing the truth about the case (…) after reading the book, you decide for yourselves if this was a Faked Abduction or not”, says Brian Johnson in the text that introduces “Faked Abduction”.

Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesperson stated that he had no knowledge about the book, yet asserted that any attempt to defame will face justice. (yeah, that sounds about right - pity you don't work as hard at justice for Maddie as you do trying to shut people up.)

source: SIC, 29.10.2009

With thanks to astro on Joana Morais' blog for the translation

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