Will the McCanns also sue the Portuguese Attorney General for suggesting Madeleine is dead?

Or are Gonçalo Amaral and The Madeleine Foundation the only targets they want to take down?

"Portuguese attorney general Fernando Pinto Monteiro suggested that one way or another the McCanns were responsible for their child’s death. Specifically he said that if indeed Madeleine had been kidnapped, it was the carefully contrived publicity engineered by her parents that likely sealed her fate. “With the whole world having Madeleine’s photo,” he observed, any abductor would have been pushed to such a degree that “there’s a greater probability of the little girl being dead than alive.”

Source: Vanity Fair

There's also Barrister Michael Shrimpton who could be sued for saying Madeleine was murdered in December 2008, with a green light from GO2.
Or how about the article in the Telegraph, which has been there for more than two years, dated 14 September 2007: 'Madeleine McCann died from overdose'

Lies from Clarence Mitchell on New Zealand Radio: "Anybody who has given money to help find Madeleine need have no fear that their money is being spent on lawyers fees or anything like that.”