P is for....Pope, Priests, PR and PIFFLE!

Posted by Carrie on Missing Madeleine forum:

So, we are to believe that Kate and Gerry McCann are to hire a PR company in Portugal to turn around their dwindling public support.

Are they more deluded than we thought?

How on earth could any PR company work this miracle? What are the McCanns known for? For leaving their three very young kids alone. Repeatedly alone. So how can that be turned to their advantage? And more to the point, why on earth should it be? Why should they feel the need to do this?

If one of your kids went missing, would you really give a stuff about how the public perceived you? I wouldn't. All I would care about, every minute of every day and night, is finding that child.

But Kate and Gerry refused last year to return for a reconstruction, which the police requested. They didn't see the point. But yesterday, they found time in their diaries to fly out to Portugal, to discuss amongst other things, hiring a PR firm. God give us strength. Do they not realise how bad this looks. Their constant priority has always appeared to be themselves, rather than their daughter: they left her and the twins, for their own needs. Kate refused to answer all the questions (except the one where she agreed that she was hindering the search to find her daughter), they flew back to England after being made Arguidos, after pledging that they wouldn't leave the place their daughter vanished from - and then they refused to attend the requested reconstruction. Then, they both insisted that their Arguido status was hampering their "search". Yet, when it was lifted, what searching was done by them? None. Just the continuation of private investigators, which our own Pro-McCann press has derided. Kate didn't even search for Madeleine the hours after she was missing. Why? It was too dark, she told Oprah.

And now, we are supposed to forget all this - to forget their behaviour, their laughing and joking, the photos of the radiant couple with balloons and flowers, the jogging and the blogging, the posed photo calls. The cruel, insensitive comments about Madeleine being with a monster, but giving them "her tuppenceworth". We are supposed to forget about the hastily scribbled timelines, and the hastily set up fund, and Gerry going against police advice and promoting his child's eye defect, because he thought it was a "good marketing ploy". We are supposed to put aside the backlash that the McCanns witnessed when they dipped into the fund, raised by our kids and families, to pay the mortgage.

Because the McCanns think that a PR company will eradicate all this - will make this look in someway understandable and acceptable. Well, Justine and Clarence didn't do them any favours. No one can do them any favours.

And they are hinting that they would love to get the case reopened - well, they could do that in flash, couldn't they? But will they? I doubt it - not when they can faff around hiring PR companies....after all, getting the case open would be for Madeleine's sake, wouldn't it? And hiring a PR company wouldn't help her at all.

So, come on Kate and Gerry - just for once - put her first. Answer the questions. Do the reconstruction. And stop trying to act like the celebs you're not. We only know your names because of your neglect. Put her first.

P is also for PLEASE.

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