McCanns return to Portugal in ongoing hunt for Amaral's £1.2million

Kate McCann returned to Portugal today for the first time since being quizzed by police over her daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry went to Lisbon to update their lawyers on the search for their daughter, who was three when she went missing in the resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "I can confirm that Kate and Gerry McCann have this morning returned to Portugal.

"They will be attending a series of meetings with their lawyers and advisers in Lisbon and they are planning to return to the UK tonight.

"Obviously, this is Kate's first return to Portugal since Madeleine's abduction and whilst this is undoubtedly difficult for her she remains determined to do whatever is necessary to assist in the search for her daughter."

One of the topics to be discussed will be the recent injunction against further publication of a book by former Portuguese police detective Goncalo Amaral.

Mr Amaral was involved in the initial investigation but was later taken off the case.

In his book The Truth of the Lie he claims that Madeleine is dead and questions the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends nearby.

Earlier this month a Portuguese judge banned further sale or publication of the book.

The injunction meant Amaral had to ensure that all unsold copies of the book were removed from shops and warehouses across Europe.

The injunction also banned him from repeating his claims about Madeleine or her parents.
At one point Portuguese police made Kate and Gerry McCann "arguidos", or formal suspects, in their daughter's disappearance.

They were questioned by detectives but their arguidos status was later lifted.

Mr Mitchell said discussions between the couple, both 41, and from Rothley, Leicestershire, would remain private.

But it is understood that as well as updating lawyers about the search for their daughter, who would now be six, they will be meeting a new PR agency, who they hope can turn public opinion in Portugal in their favour.

Earlier this month, Gerry McCann criticised Mr Amaral for his book, labelling it "unforgivable".

Mr McCann said the false allegations had done immense damage to the search for their daughter because Portuguese people would be dissuaded from coming forward with information.

Commenting after the injunction was imposed, he said: "There's a lot of people in Portugal, who might have evidence, that believe Madeleine is dead.

"If people believe that they won't search for her and they won't come forward with information.

"I know for a fact people have been told Madeleine is dead. There is no evidence to support that and that is unforgivable."

The decision to impose the injunction came after a year-long campaign by the McCanns' lawyers to prevent the publication of the book and a subsequent DVD.

Another topic of discussion today between the McCanns and their Portuguese team is thought to be a possible compensation claim for damages against Mr Amaral.

The couple said earlier that any money awarded by the courts would be ploughed straight back in to paying for private investigators to investigate their daughter's disappearance.
Also on Joana Morais with comments

And one from a different site:

"Nearly four...nearly fucking four...she was fucking three and her bastard parents left her alone so they could get pissed, no matter how its dressed up they fucking neglected her and now they want to seek 1.2 million in damages - fucking despicable pair."


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