McCanns full Press Conference - video

Not Reading from a Script

0 to 46’’ – sounds of flashes, people moving around, camera man gets hit by photographer “sorry” is heard, the McCanns talk to each other, a man’s voice says “let them speak”, cameraman makes awkward movement, gets back to the McCanns. Someone crosses in front of the camera “sorry, sorry”

47’’ cut to the McCanns

A journalist from the Daily Mail asks: I’m obviously, err Kate if I’m right, this is the first time back in Portugal…hum…since you’ve returned back to England. This must be very emotional for you, and do you…ho-ho-how are you feeling right now? What do you hope to achieve for this particular event?

1’03’’ Zoom in on Kate McCann

Kate McCann: Hum…I did, I did feel quite apprehensive and nervous but…hum…for me it-it’s a good thing to do and I’ve wanted to come back to Portugal for a long time. Hum… I think it’s positive and it’s…I think it’s an important day for us and in particular for Madeleine, and the search for Madeleine, because we want to…we’ve come here really to try and…further the search for her…we just want to find Madeleine, and I believe…[sighs] this is a good place to be to try and help the search and I think this might be, might be a turning point, in the search, so…hum…I guess emotionally probably doesn’t have quit the same impact, as going to Praia da Luz…hum...but I believe to it-it’s a good thing to do.

02’01 Enters Sandra Felgueiras, the RTP intrepid reporter

Sandra Felgueiras: Hello Kate and Gerry, I hope, I would have plenty of questions to put you but I really don’t have time to do it. I would like to ask you Kate, err…[noise, imperceptible] Kate, you and Gerry, do you want to and do you have any way to reopen the file here in Portugal?

Kate: [evades the question] I mean, really, we just want to improve the search,…to find Madeleine, we just want to find Madeleine, and whether that involves reopening the case or doesn’t matter because we just want to improve the search, and we want to... ask as many people as possible to help us, we want people to believe that Madeleine is alive [And what about the cadaver dogs?] because there is a very good chance she’s alive…hum….I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the…recent case of Jacey Dugard in America been found after 18 years, and I just think it’s so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don’t give up on her, that we look for her and we try to find her… and I guess [sighs] I would like to encourage people to help us [And donate to the fund?] and to help Madeleine, you know, and give her a chance cause she can’t find her way back to us and she deserves to be home [So, why don’t you ask the reopening of the file?]


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