Gerry McCanns key alibi, film director Jes Wilkins, and his connection to Donal MacIntyre

Posted by Goodforyou on Missing Madeleine forum:

"When I read the MacIntyre story, I could not believe that this was the work of an investigative journalist. It had all the journalistic rigour of a D grade ten year old schoolboy's homework. It completely overlooked dozens of key facts such as the reaction of the dogs, the lack of credibility of Tanner's sighting or the Smith sighting.

I wanted to know why and I wanted to know if there was a connection between the McCanns and MacIntyre. If there was a connection, that could provide an explanation for replacing any analytical and objective reporting with something that could have been written by Clarence Mitchell.

I had a look at IMDB and soon found that the very man who MacIntyre tells us was talking to Gerry McCann (while the abductor was inside) was the producer of MacIntyre's 2005 TV series MacIntre's Toughest Towns.

Imagine that - MacIntyre's producer, just happened to be the key alibi for Gerry McCann and then MacIntyre writes a story that involves that man he already knew who proves McCann is innocent. What an amazing coincidence.
Produced by Jeremy Wilkin's Zig Zag Productions.
Wilkin's producer credits

Now, why didn't MacIntyre mention this?

He wrote:

Just outside, he meets television producer Jes Wilkins on the way back to the tapas bar. There is not another soul on the street.

He should have written:

Just outside, he meets my former television series producer Jes Wilkins on the way back to the tapas bar. There is not another soul on the street.

Sort of sounds like MacIntyre is helping out an old mate, doesn't it?"

Snippet from mccannfiles "A whiff of scandal" by Dr Martin Roberts on 13 August 2009: "The programme [Donal MacIntyre on BBC Radio 5 Live]... was also an examination of the reliability of sniffer dogs generally. The programme also spoke with a handler who admitted that his dogs did get things wrong on occasion."
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