Matt Baggott: One of his big regrets was the continued failure to locate Madeleine McCann, the young girl who disappeared in Portugal in May 2007

A major police operation similar to that mounted for royal visits will swing into action this morning to prevent a dissident republican attack as Matt Baggott officially takes over as PSNI chief constable.
When stepping down in Leicestershire he admitted that one of his big regrets was the continued failure to locate Madeleine McCann, the young girl who disappeared in Portugal in May 2007.


The 50-year-old will make his first public appearance this afternoon when he holds a press conference at the Policing Board.

However, the father-of-three is likely to find that his new role will be much more than a nine-to-five job.

From now on he will live under a blanket of 24-hour armed security.

Even his arrival in Northern Ireland led to the PSNI launching a major security operation, codenamed Dissent, aimed at thwarting a potential dissident republican attack.

Information surrounding the private life of Northern Ireland’s most senior policeman remains closely guarded.


Maybe Matt Baggott also regrets a few of these incidents (or these) which demonstrates that he was instrumental in denying justice for Madeleine McCann.

Here's a taster:


Off the top of my head, here are just a few of the things the LP did with our tax pounds:

1) Sent a family liasion officer to PDL
2) Brought in numerous other Forces to assist
3) Provided a Police escort from the Airport to Castle Gardens for the Prime Suspects
4) Collected a pillow from Castle Gardens & Delivered it to the FSS
5) Assisted in getting M Harrison to Portugal & then ignored his report
6) Provided a Link from the LP web-site to the private Company web-site of the Prime Suspects
7) Travelled to Portugal to prevent 'certain information' from reaching the Public
8 ) Witheld for 5 months witness statements incriminating one of the T7
9) Communicated with the T9 in a highly casual, friendly & wholly unprofessional manner
10) Went to the High Court & allowed TM to get their hands on 141 (or thereabouts) pieces of information
11) Continued to support the Private Company of the prime suspects by advertising a link to the web-site

& last by no means least,

12) perverted the course of Justice by advising the T9 that they saw no value in them returning to PDL for the reconstruction.

Added by Xclamation:

13 ) Allowed the tapas group to read their previous statements, and each other's depositions, allowed the tapas to change and edit the answers, led the answers, boycotted the recordings of the said statements - FACT

14) Leaked documents to journalists and to the McCann Team. - FACT

I know that there is an awful lot more, that is just for starters.

The LP have spent millions of pounds on the Investigation, but on what exactly & of what benefit to the investigation ?

Did you try locating Madeleine here, Chief Constable Baggott?

Regrets? He's had a few

But then again, too few to mention

He did what he had to do

And saw it through without exemption

Betrayed in the lawless village of Rothley


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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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