Madeleine Beth McCann's holiday: A Crying Shame

«Tapas group and McCanns construct the time line of events in Madeleine's ripped colouring book before the police arrives, 3rd May 2007»

An excellent, and thorough, synopsis of Madeleine Beth McCann's holiday has been posted on Joana Morais' blog, written by A. Miller.

Here's a taster:

There were a number of “Firsts.”

1. It was the day that Gerry McCann decided he was a lucky man to have such a lovely daughter.

2. It was the day which Kate McCann spoke of as being just lovely sitting reading the children bedtime stories.

3. It was the day that the McCann children were not taken to the tennis courts to have their usual short playtime at the side of the courts while their parents played tennis.

4. It was the first evening David Payne went down to the tapas restaurant together with his wife and mother-in law. He generally did not join them until a little later.

5. It was the first time that on the way to the tapas restaurant the Payne family saw/met anyone. This night they saw Matt Oldfield.

6. It was the day Gerry McCann asked David Payne to look in on his wife and children as he thought she may be struggling to bathe their three children? (If she had been, was David to assist with this task, or was he to rush back to the tennis courts to alert Gerry, for him to rush home to assist?)

7. It was the day which David Payne looked in on the McCann children and thought how they looked like little angels, all sitting in their pyjamas bathed and ready for bed. It made him wonder why Gerry had asked him to go. (we have all wondered at this!)

8. It was the day that the doctors McCann decided to LEAVE their children alone once more.

9. It was the day the doctors McCann decided that they would ‘watch their children more closely.’

10. It was the day for the first time that Matt Oldfield listened at the shuttered windows of the McCann children’s bedroom.

11. It was the day Matt Oldfield for the first time entered the McCann apartment through an unlocked door to check on the children.

12. It was the day that Kate McCann confided in Fiona Payne, that she had left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could get out to come and look for her and Gerry McCann.(Can anyone imagine for a moment planning that, for your three year old daughter to go onto the streets?)

13. It was the day that Kate McCann told Fiona Payne of the ‘crying incident.’

14. It was the day Kate McCann asked Fiona Payne’s opinion on leaving the children in an unlocked apartment.

15. It was the day Fiona Payne replied: ‘Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

16. It was the day that a conversation regarding this unlocked door took place between adults at this table and not one took notice, not one showed concern for Madeleine, her brother or sister, each of them failing these children. Fiona Payne states: “this was conversation just between, erm, me and Kate, although I know Jane and Rachael joined in a bit, they were sitting sort of the other side of Kate, so it was sort of a conversation amongst the girls really”.

17. It was the day a vulnerable 3 year old child Madeleine Beth McCann and her younger twin siblings were abandoned by their parents in an unlocked apartment.

18. It was the day, another day, Madeleine’s cries once again went unheard.

19. It was the day we can be SURE Madeleine cried.

20. It was the day we can be SURE her cries were not ‘something and nothing!’

21. It was the day Madeleine disappeared without trace.

Let us not forget that in many cases, the investigating officers know exactly who the perpetrator is, they have solved the crime, just not proved it! Sometimes this takes a little more time and patience.


The whole article can be read on Joana's blog.


And, as usual, Himself from the McCann Gallery adds a little something else to make you think about the "bounds of responsible parenting", too:

I cannot help but wonder the level of support that would be afforded the McCanns had for instance our phantom abductor turned out to be a not so phantom murderer and had cut the throats of all three kids?

Still it wouldn't have been the McCanns fault, it never is, always somebody else's.

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