Kate and Gerry McCann: Isn't it time we reclaimed the truth?

Written by Charlessp on Missing Madeleine forum

The very bottom of the food chain

For many of us the lawyers of the world have for generations been seen as the bottom of the food chain. Anyone who has been through a divorce, bought a home, or dealt with an estate leaves the solicitor's office with a taste in the mouth and a pain in the wallet. Lawyers operate on behalf of their clients within a strictly (well fairly strictly) governed by the Law Society their activities are confined to matters of Law, and peripheral issues where the reputation of their client is affected by legal matters. The boundaries are well defined, and their behaviour is monitored. The Law is seen as an honourable profession, nonetheless, and aspirations to the Bar are deemed worthy.

The new bottom feeders are following the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels, whose grasp of anti-Semitic oratory inflamed the Third Reich and contributed vastly to the suffering of the World. Nobody can deny his talent, nobody admires his beliefs or methods.

But now we have a whole heap of people whose occupation is the protection of reputations. It doesn't matter one jot if the reputation in itself is worthy of protection, nor does it matter who else may be hurt in the process. There is no regulation, no definition of boundaries, no legal framework. There is no honour.

We have seen over the past decades that Propaganda can work for good as well as evil, and even the great Winston Churchill declared that 'The truth is so precious that sometimes it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies', and in wartime that was fair enough. But we have seen the massaging of financial information and the careful management of news stories. We remember the World Trade Centre collapsing in fire and ruin and death and we remember the comment about it being 'a good day to bury bad news' penned by a New Labour Part worker. And we shuddered.

We have watched the celebrity cult growing in Britain, where fame accrues to people not for their achievements or their talent but just because their persona has been carefully developed into that of a famous person by the PR industry. And we have watched and listened until we no longer implicitly believe what the BBC is telling us - an organisation which many are beginning to classify as an organ of the State rather than the fiercely independent body that gained the respect of the world.

The truth is not as it seems, and many of us when reading a newspaper report about something we actually know about realise that it's all made up, it's there just to be sensational, it's smoke and mirrors.

And the truth has never been more elusive than in the sad case of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

The spin doctors moved in like vultures, and the truth was, after the poor child, the first casualty. The story was massaged, manipulated, and managed into something other than the reality, and all the while the fabricated legend shrieked ' This isn't true !' ' This isn't real!'. It's like a poorly made film where the continuity is just plain wrong, and it is blatant; it is shameless.

Is it not time that the whole profession - those who are effectively 'paid liars' was regulated? Isn't it time we took back the truth? Can't we demand that the purveying of fiction was deemed socially and legally unacceptable? We don't put up with false advertising, we don't put up with a fictitious ingredients list on a box of cornflakes.

So isn't it time we reclaimed the truth?