Gordon Brown ensures Gonçalo Amaral has been removed

Goncalo Amaral: "Too much politics, that's what there was, too much politics and not enough policing."
Posted by Stella on Maddie Case Files

Gordon Brown was in contact by phone with the Head of Leicestershire Constabulary to find out whether Amaral had already been dismissed, two hours before Goncalo himself was officially notified.

Yet Gordon Brown would have us all believe that he does not get involved with Police matters.

"We cannot prejudice an ongoing Police investigation" says Gordon Brown live from the House of Commons 03.12.08 at 16.20, in relation to the unjustified arrest of Conservative MP Damian Green.

Even his then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, would have us all believe that Ministers do not get involved with Police matters.

"In my book, Stalinism and a police state happens when ministers direct and interfere with specific investigations". says Jacqui Smith in November 2008.

Neither can claim they were completely unaware of the severity of the current situation. Clarence Mitchell the Government appointed spokesman must have been advising them that the McCann’s had just been made chief suspects in the death and disappearance of their own daughter Madeleine. Backed up by confirmation from two first class British cadaver and blood dogs, who had both indicated that this was not a case of abduction, but more likely homicide. Any normal Government would instantly choose to wash their hands of a case like this, for fear of bad publicity. But not these two. Oh no, they both completely contradict themselves and make a sudden visit to Leicestershire Police Station just 3 days after the McCann’s get back from Portugal.

Is this just a coincidence? I don’t think so somehow, do you?

In my opinion, it just goes to show what a conniving, deceitful, despicable, dictator he truly is. The one and only Gordon the Grave Robber…

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Joana Morais: "In a serious speech mentioning the Lisbon agenda, terrorism, economic crises, etc, Gordon Brown thanks in name of Madeleine parent's to the Portuguese authorities at 1'50''

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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