Gonçalo Amaral: "I'm not shutting up"

Freedom and truth about the lie

by Gonçalo Amaral

In the book ‘The truth about the lie’ I spoke about the manner in which an investigation can be manipulated and deviated from its main goal: the discovery of truth and the performance of justice. In that case, it would be easy: just replace the coordinating policeman.

Nevertheless, just like the ‘Golden Whistle’ investigation, nobody cared about the danger for the independence of a criminal investigation. With the ‘Freeport’ case, things were more delicate, the people who needed to be replaced were not mere civil servants, policemen, anymore, but rather illustrious Public Ministry Prosecutors. That was when nearly ‘all hell broke loose’ (it’s still threatening to) and leading personalities in this country alerted to the danger.

Today, I was notified about a judicial decision that will forbid me from expressing my opinion about the ‘Maddie’ case investigation, in which I was a policeman, in written or oral form. I will be forbidden from exercising my freedom of expression, yet being a mere citizen and a common former policeman, we will have to wait for the ‘Casa Pia’, the ‘Golden Whistle’ and the ‘Freeport’ cases for ‘all hell to break loose’ for good. But the times when people couldn’t speak up is long gone and there cannot be class differences as far as rights, freedoms and guarantees are concerned. And I’m not shutting up.

source: Correio da Manhã, 12.09.2009

by astro on Joana Morais

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