Gerry McCann: "There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death"

Posted by Happygirl24 on Maddie Case Files

McCann DID say that!
press conference @ 3min52secs----4mins.

I quote "there's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate US in HER DEATH"
Question 1 is:- Why has McCann said her DEATH?
Has McCann, inadvertantly, just told the world that Madeleine IS dead?
As they have established the "FUND" on the pretext of using it for "searching" for a "live" Madeleine!
That has to be a bigger Freudian slip than Philomena's!
Thought she was alive and running free with the "outlaws" in PDL (Edgar)
Remember this from Mitchell?

"I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleines DEATH"
Question 2:- As Pinky wasn't needed, at this latest "conference" will we ever see him again and have his "blood money wages" stopped being paid from the "fund"?
They obviously do NOT need a spokesman any more!
There's an extra £80,000 a year they can spend on "searching"!


speak your mind said...

Gerry may aswell just say " prove it" He sounds a cocky bastard who knows he covered his tracks well, not the innocent man he imagines he appears..
As for Clarence Mitchell...However she met her end, be it peadophillia or a accident the McCanns are guilty..if she was abducted and killed it was because of their neglect, if it was an accident it was because of their neglect.

Anonymous said...

A little girl died that night and someone is protecting a male, keep the pressure up because one day the truth will come out. The so called friends may speak out.

No matter what they say it was neglect.

The parents are now making money out of their daughters death.

Where is the body, in the sea or in the sand?

What we see is spin and a smoke screen to cover up their guilty and fear.

Just because they are doctors they think that they can get away with it. Look what shipman did and if they get away with once then they might do it all again.

the uk government is corrupt and the eu, what has this got to do with the blairs.

freemasons behind the cover up we all know about child sex abuse in the government and certain family judges.

These people think that they are above the law.

They bring the spin out in to the public, selling papers, making money, and playing on up setting everyone with their lies.

This is sick

Anonymous said...

Who says a male is responsible ?

Anonymous said...

90 per cent of the British and European public know without a doubt that the McCanns and Jane Tanner are lying. How can we have faith in a British Police Force which either can't or won't deal with the obvious truth of their guilt.