Eileen McCann: "That girl could throw a tantrum if she wanted to"


Eileen McCann's precious grand daughter had just been 'abducted' by a "paedophile or some other swine" and she refers to Maddie as 'That girl'.

I find it hard to believe that a family in shock could even think about a little girl's less endearing qualities, let alone refer to them in an interview.

I remember when my three-month-old kitten went missing for two days that I completely forgot about the little messes on the kitchen floor, or the scratch marks on the new wallpaper, and could only focus on his beautiful little face and funny characteristics as I scoured the streets for him, day and night.

But, then, the McCanns didn't even scour the streets for 'that girl' did they?

More charming quotes from Madeleine's caring family and friends here on Joana Morais, posted by Kazlux a few months ago, but well worth another read in case you need reminding about what sort of bizarre family Madeleine was unlucky enough to be born into.