Donal MacIntyre: Madeleine McCann's abductor cleaned the crime scene, after a rehearsal, leaving no DNA

1) Highly organised.

2) There were at least 2 perpetrators.

3) The kidnappers had prior access to the layout of the flat here in 5a before the kidnap.

4) These were men who were well versed in the art of house breaking and these men also had an ability to clean a crime scene.

Critical to this investigation is the timing. There was 3-5 minutes for the kidnappers to perpetrate this crime. Consider the pressure the kidnappers were under.

They had to stay hidden in the apartment in the company of Gerry McCann for up to 10 minutes.

2) They had to subdue Madeleine McCann, a notorious bad sleeper and bring her out of the apartment.

3) They had to bring her out of a small window for which they required at least 2 perpetrators.

4) They had to escape the vicinity of the complex and the entire area without suspicion.

In addition, highly likely they cleaned the crime scene and this required great planning and precision and could not have been the work of an opportunist drifter.


Comments on Joana's blog here
A few comments from Bren's forum:

"After seeing the video I agree, he is taking the piss...I do not know how he kept a straight face when he said the abductors even cleaned the apartment. A new move maybe, go along with the mccanns " abduction" but add more fantasy to the story."

"Watch him closely and his body language, he is trying hard not to smile and really does make the abduction implausible, without committing libel or defamation."

"Yes it seems very clear the only way to get the truth out there.,Play along with the abduction but at the same time make it sound impossible...Clever move..."


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