'Doing a McCann: Fake abductions and fridges

Kate and Gerry McCann, Patron Saints of Adbucted, Exploited and Missing Children, are usually very quick to associate themselves with the tragedy of any child if it helps further their cause and "renew their hope". I await their Government-appointed Official Spokesman's response to this one:

AFP -- 11.09.2009 15:12

The body of a 8 years old girl, who died a month ago but whose parents had invented a scenario of abduction, was found on Friday by the French gendarmerie at Le Mans after 24 hours of research, according to a judicial source.

The father confessed in police custody having invented the story of abduction, said the prosecutor Joelle Rieutort.

"He confessed after the police pointed contradictions" and "fairly quickly said the abduction was a fake" she said to reporters.

Both parents were placed in custody.

The body of the little girl was found after her father's confession in a container in a warehouse belonging to the company where he works.

In custody, he ensured that the girl died in the first days of August of "natural death", he said her body had been kept in a freezer at the couple's previous home, says Ms. Rieutort.

Full article: Joana Morais
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