Dead because no one cared

A tragic lesson in official neglect

Leicestershire police: 'We are extremely sorry'

The inquest verdicts on Fiona Pilkington and her disabled daughter Francecca stand as a devastating indictment of the way so many of the vulnerable are abandoned in broken Britain.

Theirs was a family in desperate need of support. Yet everywhere they turned, they encountered only cruelty – and the cold neglect of officialdom.

For ten years, they were subjected to a campaign of systematic torture and terrorism by a gang of feral youths.

Yet despite pleading 33 times for help from the police, they were offered none.

As far as the Leicestershire police were concerned, the inquest heard, this was just ‘low-level antisocial behaviour’ – and mainly a matter for the local authorities.

A senior officer even told the inquest it was wrong for the police to ‘criminalise’ young thugs.

There was no help either from Miss Pilkington’s two councils or the social services.

In short, the whole elaborate network of the modern welfare state broke down. So when Miss Pilkington could bear the suffering no longer, she took her own life and her daughter’s.

This inquest has thrown terrifying light on the attitude of officialdom to whole neighbourhoods where the rule of law and civilised society no longer applies.

The lessons must be learned by every council and police force in the land.

Full article in Daily Mail

Leicester police errors and inaction contributed to suicide of tormented mother Fiona Pilkington

Spot the difference:

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The presence of Stuart Prior in Praia da Luz was to avoid the imprisonment of Kate and Gerry McCann

Leicester police advertise the McCanns Fraudulent Fund on the police website

When stepping down in Leicestershire Matt Baggott admitted that one of his big regrets was the continued failure to locate Madeleine McCann

Presumed dead, and justice denied, because no one cares.


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