The continuing harassment of innocent children caused by NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann's lies

"My daughter has been pushed off a wall, had her face scratched when an inebriated woman in Spain, snatched her sunglasses off to look into her eye, numerous occassions, been physically stopped and looked at. The last time it happened in the Algarve a traffic cop, came to my rescue when a bunch of chavs tried to look at her, he called the GNR, I really wanted to press charges, but my oh said it was more trouble than it was worth. I know for sure that when it happens again, I will press charges. I am sick to death of having my daughter being made afraid, by dumb idiots who still believe this stupid fiasco." Fred.

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Joana Morais: British Police Harass Innocent Man and Child

How many more innocent 'Maddie look-a-like' children are going to be put at risk while the McCanns carry on with the smokescreen of their staged, fake abduction? Is it only a matter of time before a 'Maddie look-alike' child is snatched in a mistaken 'rescue' attempt by a gullible member of the public who hasn't seen the video of the dogs alerting to blood and cadaver in the McCann's apartment and car they hired more than 20 days after Maddie 'disappeared'? For goodness sake, McCanns, if you truly believe Maddie is still alive why on earth won't you demand the investigation is reopened so that the real police can find her before another child is traumatised by this farce?

In the words of your associate,
Ernie Allen, NCMEC: "It's really important that these cases not be closed until we know with certainty what happened to them."

Comment posted on 'Good quality wristbands' blog on 14 August 2008:

"I agree xxxxxxx, that if these statements were taken on in May, and Katerina and Arul are telling the truth of what they saw, then it does implicate the whole group! It is 'the whole goup' who have kept totally silent and invisible for 15 long months....even though a little 3 yr old has probably lost her life.

Does anyone think that these people would have kept so silent and invisible if a real abduction had taken place? If things had been exactly as the McCanns said? That Maddie was left there, safe in her bed, and someone went in and abducted her? Do you think the Tapas lot would have taken such huge pains to disappear from view in that case?

No, they would have been doing what normal friends would do in that pictured all over the place supporting the devastated parents, be speaking out at the fund-raising balloon releases, be at any reconstruction the PJ wanted to do.

Thats what normal friends of innocent parents would do.

But these Tapas lot.....they have slunk away and hidden under stones!

They are all in on it IMO. Every last one of them."