Carter Ruck's bogus claim to suspend Madeleine Foundation website

British lawyers Carter Ruck maliciously claim a copyright violation in order to have website suspended

By Brian Johnson

British libel law firm Carter Ruck has written to the website hosting company and made a bogus claim of a copyright violation over three images of Madeleine McCann in their latest efforts to have a website shut down.

They claim that the three images are owned by Kate and Gerry McCann and that the use of the images was unauthorized.

The images in question are a composite image on the homepage of the site at and two photographs of a book written by Madeleine Foundation secretary Tony Bennett.

But we can reveal this claim to be bogus.

The official Find Madeleine website used by the McCanns to fund their so-called "search for Madeleine" has a free downloads page with various posters including the images of Madeleine. The images are therefore freely available in the public domain and are being given out by the complainants Kate and Gerry McCann.

The Carter Ruck demand letter can be viewed here:

The McCanns do not want the Madeleine Foundation website online and have recently demanded that the site be taken down after they sent threatening letters to secretary and chairperson Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler.

The Madeleine Foundation believes the theories of the main investigating officers on the missing Madeleine McCann case in Portugal. Inspector Amaral and Chief Inspector Almeida came to the conclusion that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment while on vacation with her family in May 2007. Despite overwhelming evidence, the British government intervened to frustrate and hamper the case and it forced the investigation to be shelved.

Former British attorney Tony Bennett wrote a book highlighting the major discrepancies in the McCanns' alibi and thousands of copies of the book have already been sold.

A new book "Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction" is soon to be released in the USA. The book expands on Tony Bennett's lead and demonstrates how the McCanns and their friends have avoided any charges while at the same time receiving substantial aid from the British Government, including lots of personal involvement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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