Carter-Ruck: How Adam Tudor made a name for himself from compensating parents of neglected babies and children

McCanns' reputation management team

Adam Tudor graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, with a First in Jurisprudence. He completed his training at Herbert Smith, where he qualified in 1997, combining his general commercial litigation practice with specialisms in sports law and defamation.

Adam joined Carter-Ruck in 2001 and became a Partner in 2003.

He specialises in media litigation and reputation management, and is also spearheading the firm's commercial litigation practice. His clients range from multi-national corporations and leading business people, to high-profile politicians and celebrities.

Despite Adam's client-base of high profile politicians and celebrities, it took him five years before he, apparently, made his fame and wealth from child neglect..."In libel circles, he is best known for representing Kate and Gerry McCann in their libel and privacy complaints."

In 2008, he secured unprecedented front page apologies from the Daily Express, Daily Star and their sister Sunday titles, as well as £550,000 in damages for libel.

Adam also obtained apologies and £375,000 in libel damages from the Express group for the seven friends who were dining with the McCanns on the night Madeleine was abducted. All the damages in these cases were applied to the search for Madeleine - except where the fund was used to pay mortgage payments and luxury hotel accommodation.

Tapas 7 were compensated for neglecting their children - one baby was vomiting

Adam has regularly lectured to the profession and made a number of television and radio appearances, including on Radio 4's "Unreliable Evidence". He has also been named "Lawyer of the Week" in The Times newspaper.

In March 2009 Adam was invited to give evidence at the House of Commons before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in its inquiry into press standards, privacy and libel.

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Adam Tudor: Lawyer of the Week

What was your most memorable experience as a lawyer?

"Naturally it would be pretty hard to top Mr and Mrs McCann’s victory against Express Group."

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