Attorney General receives information that may reopen the Maddie case

Bump for Paulo Sargento...

We have been informed that psychologist Paulo Sargento, a regular commentator of the Maddie case on television, has sent the Republic’s Attorney General a letter with information that may reopen the “Maddie case” process.

Although he declined to reveal the contents of this letter, he advanced that there is something “very important” concerning the cuddle cat (Maddie’s soft toy, that Kate often carried with her during her media appearances), an object which, as has been made public, was positively signalled with cadaver odour by the sniffer dogs. Together with “Maddie’s blanket”, the pink soft toy may be a starting point to reopen the process “at a time when, apart from an attempt to silence Gonçalo Amaral, through an injunction against his book ‘The Truth about the Lie’, a shameful picture of an attack on the family of the former inspector, by the British media, is starting to emerge”, the psychologist told Semanário Privado.
Joana Morais
Which reminds me, once again, of Alfiefinn's remark about the "Rothley Bottom Trumpet Orchestra" - I can hear the bottom burps from here.

Over to you Himself...