Carter-Ruck: How Adam Tudor made a name for himself from compensating parents of neglected babies and children

McCanns' reputation management team

Adam Tudor graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, with a First in Jurisprudence. He completed his training at Herbert Smith, where he qualified in 1997, combining his general commercial litigation practice with specialisms in sports law and defamation.

Adam joined Carter-Ruck in 2001 and became a Partner in 2003.

He specialises in media litigation and reputation management, and is also spearheading the firm's commercial litigation practice. His clients range from multi-national corporations and leading business people, to high-profile politicians and celebrities.

Despite Adam's client-base of high profile politicians and celebrities, it took him five years before he, apparently, made his fame and wealth from child neglect..."In libel circles, he is best known for representing Kate and Gerry McCann in their libel and privacy complaints."

In 2008, he secured unprecedented front page apologies from the Daily Express, Daily Star and their sister Sunday titles, as well as £550,000 in damages for libel.

Adam also obtained apologies and £375,000 in libel damages from the Express group for the seven friends who were dining with the McCanns on the night Madeleine was abducted. All the damages in these cases were applied to the search for Madeleine - except where the fund was used to pay mortgage payments and luxury hotel accommodation.

Tapas 7 were compensated for neglecting their children - one baby was vomiting

Adam has regularly lectured to the profession and made a number of television and radio appearances, including on Radio 4's "Unreliable Evidence". He has also been named "Lawyer of the Week" in The Times newspaper.

In March 2009 Adam was invited to give evidence at the House of Commons before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in its inquiry into press standards, privacy and libel.

Madeleine McCann: The hypothesis of death is considered

Gagged by McCanns

McCanns try to gag Gonçalo Amaral

Carter Ruck try to close Madeleine Foundation website

Madeleine McCann: Burnt out cars, dead dogs and gagging orders

Dr Russell O'Brien left the table some time after 9pm to attend to his own daughter, who had become ill with vomiting

Telegraph: Madeleine McCann died from overdose


Adam Tudor: Lawyer of the Week

What was your most memorable experience as a lawyer?

"Naturally it would be pretty hard to top Mr and Mrs McCann’s victory against Express Group."

Kate McCann: "Is that Madeleine or is that the bedding?"


By Dr Martin Roberts
29 September 2009


Kate McCann concludes a recent 'blog' entry with the remark, "…we will never forget the great benefit of simple human kindness."

The following transcript (by 'Mitts') is of Kate McCann's opening statement from the Channel 4 documentary 'Madeleine Was Here'.

KM: "I did my check about 10.00 o'clock and went in through the sliding patio doors and I just stood, actually, and I thought, 'oh, all quiet', and to be honest, I might have been tempted to turn round then, but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we'd left it. I went to close it to about here and then as I got to here, it suddenly slammed and then as I opened it, it was then that I just thought, 'I'll just look at the children' and I could see Sean and Amelie in the cot and then I was looking at Madeleine's bed which was here and it was dark and I was looking and I was thinking, 'is that Madeleine or is that the bedding?', and I couldn't quite make her out. It sounds really stupid now, but at the time, I was thinking I didn't want to put the light on cos I didn't wanna wake them and literally, as I went back in, the curtains of the bedroom which were drawn,… were closed, … whoosh … It was like a gust of wind, kinda, just blew them open and cuddle cat was still there and her pink blanket was still there and then I knew straight away that she had, errr... been taken, you know."

Does the benefit of 'simple human kindness' not extend, surely, to concern for very young children left unnecessarily exposed to the elements?

Once Madeleine's abductor had climbed out through the window of apartment 5A it will have remained wide open - for three-quarters of an hour by the time Kate returned. The outside air temperature was cold enough on the evening of May 3rd 2007 for Jane Tanner to wear a borrowed fleece when walking back from the Tapas bar to her own accommodation, and for her to register the significance of a child in arms, that she claims to have seen, having been dressed in nothing more than pyjamas.

So, when Kate McCann enters 5A through the patio doors, does she notice or remark on how cold it is inside? No. But she must have realised immediately that indoors was no warmer than outside, because "the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we'd left it." Not a little further, notice. The combination of a well open door and a wide open window can only have resulted in a really cold apartment, especially since there was a draught through the window sufficient both to slam the door shut and, shortly thereafter, cause the curtains to billow into the room (the door could not have slammed shut beforehand, or Kate would not have encountered it open 'much further' than the parents had previously left it).

Under the circumstances a predictable reaction might have been twofold: On entering the accommodation - 'It's cold in here. Where is the draught coming from?' On nearing the unexpectedly open door - 'Oh dear, the children are sleeping in a draught.'

Did Kate harbour any of these thoughts? Apparently not. Had she not been slightly perturbed by the open door she might have been tempted to turn round (and leave the apartment directly). As it was, her immediate purpose became that of closing the door, not looking in on the children. So she must have been perfectly prepared to leave the children unattended in the cold for another half an hour at least, i.e., until the next pointless inspection. Matthew Oldfield had himself been inside apartment 5A around 9.30 p.m. we are told - he didn't notice the cold either and, for all we know, it may have been he who opened the bedroom door and exacerbated the situation. He certainly didn't close the window, because he did not enter that room and did not therefore see Madeleine.

Even after the wind had blown the bedroom door shut, Kate's reaction, upon re-opening it, was: "I just thought, I'll just look at the children and then I was thinking, is that Madeleine or is that the bedding?"

Far from being concerned about three children asleep in a cold and draughty room in the dark, she merely fails to distinguish her eldest daughter from the bedclothes.

And when the wind made a more immediate impression by causing the curtains to billow in her presence, what did Kate notice straight away - the cold, or that Maddie was missing? No, 'that she had, errr... been taken.'

A couple of comments from various forums:

"How could anyone mistake bedding for a child? Kate would have us believe that Maddie couldn't have gotten out of the bed by herself because the bedding was too neat,that was what she said caused her to know that Maddie had been abducted. Now if she is saying she couldn't tell the bedclothes from her child,the bedclothes must have been bunched up in a heap or rolled to appear like a body. Which is it Kate. You need such a good memory to be an accomplished liar and you just don't cut it!"

"So, although she knew that Gerry McCann and Mathew Oldfield had been checking in the period between her leaving the apartment and returning to do her check she still finds it remarkable that the bedroom door is open wider than it was when she left it earlier that evening. I wonder why she could not distinguish between Madeleine and the bedding with the shutter and window open when Gerry was able to look down on a sleeping Madeleine with the shutter and window closed. If the 'abductor' was hiding in the room when Gerry McCann checked at 9:05 pm and was seen by Jane Tanner at 09:15 pm then the 'abduction' had taken place and the shutter and window must have been open when Oldfield did his check, but he didn't notice anything. It's all a pack of lies of course; a story badly told, an insult to our intelligence. The question remains as always, "How on earth were they allowed to get away with this?""

Dead because no one cared

A tragic lesson in official neglect

Leicestershire police: 'We are extremely sorry'

The inquest verdicts on Fiona Pilkington and her disabled daughter Francecca stand as a devastating indictment of the way so many of the vulnerable are abandoned in broken Britain.

Theirs was a family in desperate need of support. Yet everywhere they turned, they encountered only cruelty – and the cold neglect of officialdom.

For ten years, they were subjected to a campaign of systematic torture and terrorism by a gang of feral youths.

Yet despite pleading 33 times for help from the police, they were offered none.

As far as the Leicestershire police were concerned, the inquest heard, this was just ‘low-level antisocial behaviour’ – and mainly a matter for the local authorities.

A senior officer even told the inquest it was wrong for the police to ‘criminalise’ young thugs.

There was no help either from Miss Pilkington’s two councils or the social services.

In short, the whole elaborate network of the modern welfare state broke down. So when Miss Pilkington could bear the suffering no longer, she took her own life and her daughter’s.

This inquest has thrown terrifying light on the attitude of officialdom to whole neighbourhoods where the rule of law and civilised society no longer applies.

The lessons must be learned by every council and police force in the land.

Full article in Daily Mail

Leicester police errors and inaction contributed to suicide of tormented mother Fiona Pilkington

Spot the difference:

Leicester police spent almost £750,000 protecting Kate and Gerry McCann from their own crimes

Leicester police protect Kate and Gerry from pieces of paper delivered to Rothley residents

The presence of Stuart Prior in Praia da Luz was to avoid the imprisonment of Kate and Gerry McCann

Leicester police advertise the McCanns Fraudulent Fund on the police website

When stepping down in Leicestershire Matt Baggott admitted that one of his big regrets was the continued failure to locate Madeleine McCann

Presumed dead, and justice denied, because no one cares.


Gagged by McCanns

Gagged by McCanns: New website is launched

PJ Chief Inspector Report Sept 2007

NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS

Intercalary report

For the attention of the
Criminal Investigation Coordinator

The whole of this report can be read on Maddie Case Files, but the following is the conclusion of PJ Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida:

From everything that is exposed, the process files result in the following:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.


Therefore, we suggest that the case files are sent to the Republic’s Prosecutor, in the Lagos legal district, for:

G) a possible new questioning of the arguidos Kate and Gerald McCann;

H) an evaluation of the measure of restraint to be applied in this case;

During the house search at the McCann couple’s residence, a diary style manuscript was found, already photocopied, possibly authored by Kate McCann; admitting that it may contain information that may help to reach the material truth of facts, WE PROPOSE THAT:

I) the photocopies of said document are presented to the illustrious Judge for the purpose of its apprehension, if legal, its translation and eventual collection of information to be included in the process files, as necessary for the investigation.

At this date, I subject the case files to your appreciation, for you to determine whatever you may see as convenient, hence I open:


On the tenth of September, two thousand and seven

Chief Inspector

(Tavares de Almeida)

Doing a 'McCann': Chavs versus Doctors again

I thought Kate and Gerry McCann had changed the law on Child Abandonment, in that it is now considered to be within the bounds of responsible parenting to leave young children home alone, and anyone found to be disagreeing with them should be sued without further ado for up to £1.2 million?

So why, oh why, are chavvy parents in the UK still being arrested and prosecuted, and their children taken from them, when this practice is deemed to be perfectly acceptable by the McCanns, Leicester Police, Leicester Social Services and the British Government?

If Kate and Gerry McCann can get away with it, then surely it's only fair that every negligent parent should be compensated, with life-changing sums of money, for leaving their young children and babies at risk of fire and swarthy predators?

The McCann's doctor mates were also rewarded for child neglect

Woman arrested after baby is rescued from smoke-filled house

Alexandra Topping, Sunday 27 September 2009 20.06 BST

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of child neglect after a one-year-old girl was rescued from a smoke-filled house, police said today. The baby was found by a neighbour in an upstairs bedroom at the house in Bristol after smoke was seen coming from the kitchen.

Forty-nine-year-old Rob Sullivan entered the house to rescue the baby after his partner saw the child's two sisters, aged two and three, wandering outside at about 10.30am. He removed a smoking pan from the cooker before rescuing the baby from upstairs. The two older children later told him that they had been trying to bake cakes and had turned on the oven themselves.

Police were called amid concerns that no adults were in the house, Avon Fire and Rescue said. A woman thought to be the children's mother was later detained on suspicion of child neglect.

The children, who were unharmed, are now being looked after by social services and relatives.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police said there was no significant damage to the house. "A woman in her mid-20s has been arrested and is helping police with their inquiries."

Stephanie Mounsey, a spokeswoman for Avon Fire and Rescue, said: "It appears the neighbour noticed the two- and three-year-old girls wandering around outside the house and spotted smoke coming from the property. She approached the youngsters, who told her their one-year-old sister was asleep upstairs in her cot.

"The neighbour dialled 999 and alerted her husband. He decided to enter the house and found a pan on the hob getting very hot and smoking. He switched off the cooker and went upstairs and rescued the one-year-old girl, bringing her to safety as firefighters arrived."

Sullivan said he acted immediately when his partner Julie Dyer, 34, told him there was a baby in the house. "It was instinct, I had to get the baby out. I went in without thinking about it," he said.

"There was lots of smoke, I opened the oven and saw the plastic was about to drop from the tray. I pulled the tray out and grabbed a rug to smother it. [The children] had put the grill and the oven on somehow. There were no smoke alarms going off and I think it was just about to ignite when I got to it, so everyone has been very lucky."

He found the baby crying in her cot in a bedroom directly above the kitchen. "I just had to get her out, so I grabbed her and ran down the stairs into the fresh air," he said.

Dyer, who has six children of her own, said: "The mum only moved in a few months ago, so we don't know her. We didn't know she had children until now."

Firefighters later fitted smoke alarms in the house. Mounsey said: "Had the fire developed while the children were asleep the smoke detectors would not have alerted them."

Source: Guardian

Madeleine McCann was left home alone repeatedly with her twin siblings but is not believed to be unharmed according to the blood and death scent found in the McCanns holiday apartment and car.


Of lobsters and vultures

By Nigel Nessling - McCann supporter

During one of the jobs I had prior to the one I am in now, we had a talk on boosting self confidence. We were told a story about lobster fishermen.

Aparently, in most of the lobster pots, when they bring it to the surface, there is often one lobster that has been attacked, even mutilated by the others. Why? It seems that once they are in the pot, they are resigned to the fact that they can't get out. They accept it as the natural order of things. But sometimes one lobster decides he doesn't want to be in the pot, and so tries to get out, and climbs up the side of the pot. This enrages the other lobsters, who then pull it back down to their level. If the errant lobster continues to try to make a break for it the attacks become ever more vicious, with legs and claws being ripped off, all because the one lobster wants to better his situation.

Kate and Gerry both came from humble, working class backgrounds. But they had the brains, the guts and the dedication to decide to better themselves. By sheer hard work they climbed the side of the lobster pot, and achieved a better social status and life for themselves. This, unfortunatly, enraged the other lobsters, who are now doing everything they can to tear their limbs off, and IMO, explains all the crap comments about 'If they were working class, etc' They WERE working class.

But lobsters are envious creatures.

But they were supposed to be looking for Madeleine not bettering themselves.

Socrates takes clear victory in Portuguese elections

LISBON - Portugal’s Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates renewed his mandate with a clear victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, but remained short of an absolute majority with about 90 percent of the vote counted.

Conservative leader Manuela Ferreira Leite conceded defeat, while a far-left party made important gains.

The results gave the Socialists 36.5 percent of the vote. Ferreira Leite’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) took 29.1 percent, up from 28.7 percent in 2005.

The expected results made it look possible that Socrates might form a minority government, raising fears of a weak government unable to conduct the strong policies required by the country’s economic crisis.

The far-left Left Bloc, which wants to nationalize sectors of the economy and take Portugal out of NATO, made important gains, increasing its support from 6.35 to 9.8 percent.

The Left Bloc came just behind the conservative nationalist CDS/PP, which had 10.5 percent of the vote, up from 7.3 percent in 2005. The communist-green coalition CDU came fifth with 7.9 percent.

Ferreira Leite stressed that the elections had deprived the Socialists of the absolute majority and pledged that the PSD would act in a “responsible” way as the main opposition party, without allowing itself to be “intimidated” by anyone.

The Left Bloc and CDU have ruled out a coalition with the Socialists, whom they describe as having no real ideological differences with the PSD.

Voter turnout was estimated at around 60 percent, down from 65 percent in 2005. About 9.5 million Portuguese were eligible to vote for candidates from 15 parties for the 230-member parliament.

Socrates, who presents himself as a liberal reformer taking Western Europe’s poorest country into full modernity, had stressed the need for stability by allowing the Socialists to remain in power.


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Kate McCann keeps on running

Kate McCann, the mother who'll never start searching for her missing daughter Madeleine, took time out yesterday from being a depressed, traumatised wreck because of Amaral's book to pull off another cunning PR stunt in response to Sofia Leal's interview. more mugshots here.

By Chris Brooke

Last updated at 11:30 PM on 27th September 2009

It has been a long hard road for Kate McCann over the last two years.

But the 41-year-old mother of three showed a different kind of endurance yesterday to complete a two-mile fun run.

Last week she returned to Portugal for the first time since her daughter Madeleine's disappearance in 2007.

After a visit in which she and husband Gerry searched for the secret lair in a lawless village in Praia da Luz met with lawyers and the local media, she was back in Leicestershire to join 800 competitors for the Great Kibworth charity run.

She ran in a vest emblazoned with a picture of Madeleine, who would now be six.

During her Portugal visit Mrs McCann told reporters she cried every day for her daughter and remains determined to 'find her and bring her home'.
Later, speaking about the visit, she said: 'I think it was a positive move and it actually felt good to be there.
'I actually felt there was a bit of support for us there now so that helps. Fingers crossed this is the turning point.
'We’ve had a lot of information come in even this far down the line, which means we don't really need to sue Amaral although we will cos we want his money more than we want to find Margaret there are various reasons why they don’t come forward in the early days.
'We just need to keep going, just need to get more information and hope we get the bit we need really.'
Mrs McCann has continued her passion for jogging despite the strain of coping with the Madeleine investigation and she was one of around 800 competitors in the Great Kibworth run.

Daily Mail

Kate McCann's fastest run ever was from Portugal to the UK when Eddie sniffed death scent on her clothes.


Sunday Express interviews Sofia Leal


Sunday September 27, 2009

By James Murray

THE wife of Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral has denied they are locked in a personal battle with Kate and Gerry McCann and has spoken of their pity for the distraught couple.

“Everyone thinks we are fighting the McCanns but this is not true,” said 38-year-old Sofia Leal in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express.

I tell people all the time that they are having to endure the hardest pain in the world, which is losing a child.

“As a mother I cannot imagine what kind of pain that is. It is so hard.

“Like Kate McCann, I am a ­Catholic. The image of pain in the Catholic church is not Christ on the Cross but Mary holding her child in her arms. It is the pain of the loss of a child and there is no worse pain in the world. We are sorry for that.”

That pain was etched on the face of Kate McCann when she made a fleeting visit to Lisbon last week to meet her lawyers and to appeal for help in finding her daughter, snatched in May 2007 from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.

Close to tears, Kate said: ‘‘She’s six now but we’ve just got to keep going. It has been very harrowing and draining. But there is no choice, she needs us to find her and bring her home.”

In Portimao, 20 miles up the coast from Praia da Luz, Sofia spoke of the anguish suffered by her husband, who coordinated the McCann investigation. The McCanns are suing him for £1million they believe he has made with his book about the case, The Truth Of The Lie, and a documentary.

They are particularly angered over his claims that Madeleine is not alive. Civil servant Sofia says her 49-year-old husband suffered post traumatic stress after he was removed as head of the Madeleine investigation in September 2007. He took early retirement the following month, even though he lost two-thirds of his pension.

“It was a bad time for Goncalo,” said Sofia. Even in his sleep he was going over in his mind what had happened to him and how his career was brought to a premature end.

“I heard him talking in the night ­because of nightmares. Everything he did, every action he took was going through his head.

“I was worried ­because he is such a calm, tender man but luckily over the past few months the nightmares have stopped.” Sofia, who works in the Portimao mayor’s office and is responsible for three major projects, including a new Algarve airport, speaks English fluently and is both amused and angered by comments aimed at her husband from some people in Britain. “We know how Goncalo is portrayed in Britain, the caricature of a foreign detective missing the clues, but the reality is that you will not find a better detective in Portugal.

“There were many times in the investigation when his bosses said, ‘You have done enough’ but he kept working and working, chasing all the leads.

“There are satellites which probably have close-up pictures of what was happening on the ground that day. He tried to get the images but he couldn’t. The US said the satellites were trained on Morocco at the time and that was it. That is what annoys him because he says the inquiry was not completed to his satisfaction.

“Goncalo loves me and our three girls very much but he lives for his job. For him an investigation is like a mathematical equation.

“One and one has to make two. Until the answer is found he will not give up.” From the proceeds of the book her husband has bought a Jaguar car but she insists he has not made a lot of money and that he will defend the legal action.

“We are now living on one-third of our budget for the month but that is OK for us because he made the right decision,” she said.

“If he was financially motivated, he would have stayed in his job for the full pension but that is not his way.”

His 25-year-old daughter from his first marriage, also called Sofia, has just passed a law degree. His wife has a daughter Rita, 11, from her first ­marriage and she has a daughter, Agnes, with Goncalo who will soon be six.

This week there is a double birthday celebration, Sofia’s today and her ­husband’s 50th on Friday.

“We will see all our family and friends and enjoy ourselves,” she said. “We are so lucky to have three beautiful girls in the family.

“Goncalo is very proud of them all. He is very good with them at home but my only complaint is that he is not strict enough with them. He lets them do what they want where I have to be a little stricter.

“He never yells at them but he can also be a little overprotective. He is always worrying about them having accidents in the playground or ­wherever. I could not wish for a better father.”

The couple met 10 years ago through a friend and married in June 2000. They spent their honeymoon in the Azores, where her husband dreams of ­spending his retirement.
Source: Sunday Express

Satellite facing Morocco at the moment when Maddie disappeared

McCanns furious again at Amaral's second book

Kate and Gerry McCann were furious yesterday as it emerged the ex cop they are suing for £1.2million over claims that Madeleine is dead has written a SECOND book.

The couple have already taken legal action to ban former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral’s first book, The Truth of the Lie.

In his second book, The English Gag, he suggests there is something significant about a pink blanket which he claims disappeared on the night the three-year-old vanished from the resort of Praia da Luz in 2007.
A source close to the McCanns said: “They just despair. This is the level of distortion and lies they’ve been up against.”

The source refuted any suggestion that a blanket had disappeared. He said: “You could see it on the bed in the first photographs taken of the room.

Amaral wasn’t even there.”

Obviously the 'abductor' didn't take it if it was photographed on the who did?
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Maddie Case Files: The highly significant missing pink blanket


Gonçalo Amaral has presented his opposition to the banning of his book "The Truth about the Lie"

Gonçalo Amaral today presented his opposition to the Lisbon Tribunal’s decision to prohibit the sale of his book “Maddie: A verdade da mentira”.

His defence considers that the book does not reveal more than the legal process which has been made public.

His lawyer António Cabrita say that the book “does not offend the good name, consideration or reputation of the McCann couple in any way".

The ex inspector today presented his opposition to the Tribunal and delivered a list of seven witnesses including British police officers who could be heard by the judge.


Thanks to Ines @

Gonçalo Amaral set to publish new book on 3 October: ‘A Mordaça Inglesa’ [The English Gag]

Gonçalo Amaral pledged that he would not be silenced by the injunction ruled by the Lisbon Civil Court, prohibiting the circulation of the book ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ and the video, which defend the theory of Madeleine McCann's death and the cadaver concealment by her parents.

He fulfilled his promise. The former PJ Inspector appears now with the book ‘A Mordaça Inglesa’ [The English Gag], to be presented on the 3rd of October in the Algarve.

Gerry and Kate seek compensation of 1.2 million. The court's decision also prohibits Gonçalo Amaral to make any statements. Doing so he will have to pay a thousand euros to the English family, for each comment.

However, Amaral is not intimidated and challenges the McCanns by starting his book with a quote from Mário Soares after the 25th of April 21974 on freedom of expression.

Yesterday, Kate and Gerry were in Lisbon to “explore strategies" with their lawyers and advisers. The objective, according to Gerry, is to “get back on course and continue to search” for Maddie, who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, in 2007. To represent them in the Portuguese media, the couple hired the Public Relations company 'Lift Consulting'.

Visibly nervous with the first return to Portugal [since they ran away returned to the UK], Kate said she believes that her daughter is alive. “Madeleine deserves that we believe in her”, she said.

With a choking voice, Kate also admitted to return to Praia da Luz: “I want to return to the place where I embraced my daughter for the last time”. Gerry on the other hand said: “Although it is painful, we are learning to live without Maddie”.

in Correio da Manhã

by Joana Morais

Gerry McCann: "There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death"

Posted by Happygirl24 on Maddie Case Files

McCann DID say that!
press conference @ 3min52secs----4mins.

I quote "there's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate US in HER DEATH"
Question 1 is:- Why has McCann said her DEATH?
Has McCann, inadvertantly, just told the world that Madeleine IS dead?
As they have established the "FUND" on the pretext of using it for "searching" for a "live" Madeleine!
That has to be a bigger Freudian slip than Philomena's!
Thought she was alive and running free with the "outlaws" in PDL (Edgar)
Remember this from Mitchell?

"I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleines DEATH"
Question 2:- As Pinky wasn't needed, at this latest "conference" will we ever see him again and have his "blood money wages" stopped being paid from the "fund"?
They obviously do NOT need a spokesman any more!
There's an extra £80,000 a year they can spend on "searching"!

Gonçalo Amaral leaves the Country to Accuse the McCanns

September 24, 2009
Gonçalo Amaral leaves the Country to Accuse the McCanns

Forbidden to speak about his version of the Maddie Case, which puts the parents at the origin of the child's disappearance, the former Inspector gives an interview to TV Record, in Spain.

Silenced in Portugal, Gonçalo Amaral went to Ayamonte, Spain, to tell again his version of Maddie's story, exposed in his book «The Truth of the Lie».

The Former Inspector of the Maddie Case bypassed in this way the injunction that prevents him to speak freely on the thesis of the child's death and the concealment of the corpse by her parents. However, the daily Press today reveals that the ban to Gonçalo Amaral will be enforced anywhere in the world.[this could only be achieved if the McCanns process Mr. Amaral in every Civil Court of every and each Country, no Court has jurisdiction to forbid a Citizen to speak abroad]

The McCann were in Lisbon yesterday in a meeting with their lawyers to proceed with the reopening of the inquest* to their daughter's disappearance. The Couple refused to make any comments regarding their conflict with the former PJ inspector.

Gonçalo Amaral's interview to TV Record will be broadcast in 70 Countries, the date is still unknown.

in TVI24

*This is a gross mistake, the McCanns confessed that "they wished to reopen the process", obviously they won't even bother to try to reopen the process, which they could as it's in their legal right as assistants to the process. They could, for example, answer the PJ questions or request that an official reconstruction of the events of 3rd of May 2007 is made. The Public Ministry would no doubt reopen the process to the investigation of Madeleine Beth McCann' disappearance again.
Source: 24 Horas

Also on Joana Morais: Madeleine: Amaral is going to publish evidences

The evidences investigated about what happened to Madeleine McCann inside the apartment from where she disappeared, in Praia da Luz, after the Judiciary Police (PJ) investigation, are going to be published in the book written by the ex-coordinator of the case, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral.

The CM knows as well that the conclusions of the analyses to the evidences found in the car rented by the McCann, 25 days later, are part of the publication of the inspector’s book, which is ready to leave the PJ after asking for retirement. “It is going to be an uncomfortable book for many people ", warns a source close to Gonçalo Amaral.

In reaction to this news, the spokesman of the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, thinks that the publication is “only to make money", which he thinks to be "sad". Mitchell threatens to sue for slander and defamation Gonçalo Amaral.

McCanns full Press Conference - video

Not Reading from a Script

0 to 46’’ – sounds of flashes, people moving around, camera man gets hit by photographer “sorry” is heard, the McCanns talk to each other, a man’s voice says “let them speak”, cameraman makes awkward movement, gets back to the McCanns. Someone crosses in front of the camera “sorry, sorry”

47’’ cut to the McCanns

A journalist from the Daily Mail asks: I’m obviously, err Kate if I’m right, this is the first time back in Portugal…hum…since you’ve returned back to England. This must be very emotional for you, and do you…ho-ho-how are you feeling right now? What do you hope to achieve for this particular event?

1’03’’ Zoom in on Kate McCann

Kate McCann: Hum…I did, I did feel quite apprehensive and nervous but…hum…for me it-it’s a good thing to do and I’ve wanted to come back to Portugal for a long time. Hum… I think it’s positive and it’s…I think it’s an important day for us and in particular for Madeleine, and the search for Madeleine, because we want to…we’ve come here really to try and…further the search for her…we just want to find Madeleine, and I believe…[sighs] this is a good place to be to try and help the search and I think this might be, might be a turning point, in the search, so…hum…I guess emotionally probably doesn’t have quit the same impact, as going to Praia da Luz…hum...but I believe to it-it’s a good thing to do.

02’01 Enters Sandra Felgueiras, the RTP intrepid reporter

Sandra Felgueiras: Hello Kate and Gerry, I hope, I would have plenty of questions to put you but I really don’t have time to do it. I would like to ask you Kate, err…[noise, imperceptible] Kate, you and Gerry, do you want to and do you have any way to reopen the file here in Portugal?

Kate: [evades the question] I mean, really, we just want to improve the search,…to find Madeleine, we just want to find Madeleine, and whether that involves reopening the case or doesn’t matter because we just want to improve the search, and we want to... ask as many people as possible to help us, we want people to believe that Madeleine is alive [And what about the cadaver dogs?] because there is a very good chance she’s alive…hum….I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the…recent case of Jacey Dugard in America been found after 18 years, and I just think it’s so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don’t give up on her, that we look for her and we try to find her… and I guess [sighs] I would like to encourage people to help us [And donate to the fund?] and to help Madeleine, you know, and give her a chance cause she can’t find her way back to us and she deserves to be home [So, why don’t you ask the reopening of the file?]


To follow

Joana Morais

McCanns want to "sweep" their critics off the internet

Maddie’s parents are getting ready to act judicially against internet sites that question their behaviour through comments and texts that they consider to be defaming

by André Carapeto

After the injunction that hit former Polícia Judiciária coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, preventing the book from being sold in Portugal and in England, Gerry and Kate McCann are now committed to making all the uncomfortable internet pages that concern the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine McCann, disappear.

Through their lawyers, Adam Tudor and Stephen Loughrey, from the offices of Carter Ruck, one of the most influential (and expensive) in England, Maddie’s parents want to discipline those who doubt their behaviour or suggest that they were somehow involved in their daughter’s destiny.

The famous law office that some months ago obtained hundreds of thousands of euro in compensation payments from some British media, for the McCanns and their friends who dined at the ‘Tapas Bar’ on the night that Maddie disappeared, has already taken a few measures in order to attack with the couple’s new legal offensive.

As far as everything indicates, those responsible for internet pages and blogs that are openly unfavourable towards the McCanns have already received intimations from Carter Ruck, ordering them to cease their activity, under threat of lawsuits for defamation and calumny.

Test card…

One of the main (if not even “the” main) targets for Maddie’s parents is the website that is owned by the Madeleine Foundation, headed by Anthony Bennett and Debbie Butler, who received, early this month, the letters from Tudor and Loughney, where they were asked to stop the foundation’s online page’s activity, as well as other demands made by Gerry and Kate.

But there is more: the heads of the foundation that was created with the purpose of combating child neglect, were demanded to hand over all existing copies of the book “What really happened to Madeleine McCann – 60 reasons that show that she was not abducted”, which was published in late 2008.

Apart from this ‘order’, the former English member of parliament who leads the foundation also received notices to shut down the activity of the website that was created in November last year, as well as the order to deliver to Justice the remaining leaflets that contain a summary of the book, which volunteers at Bennett’s service delivered into various English locations, including Rothley, the neighbourhood where the McCanns reside.

The former English member of parliament who heads the foundation also received intimations to delete all computer records, both of the book and of said leaflets, and to delete all allegedly offensive comments that exist on the webpage, and on interconnected forums or blogs, many of which are signed by Bennett himself.

But there is more…

Nevertheless, it is not only the Madeleine Foundation that is targeted by the McCanns’ offensive. The crosshairs also focus on blogs, including the “Three arguidos”, which is a forum that has been used for strong criticism of the behaviour of the English couple of doctors, since the night of the 3rd of May 2007.

Since they decided to stop giving interviews to the media, and discredited the action of the Portuguese police forces, the McCanns seem to have turned the search for their daughter into a struggle of their own, threatening to confront anyone who tries to contradict their position.

Over the last two years, since their daughter disappeared from apartment 5A at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Gerry and Kate have received unconditional support of some and severe criticism from others. After last year they secured a compensation payment of 700 thousand euro, which was obtained after they accused several newspapers in their country of defamation, and after six of the seven friends that accompanied them on their Portuguese holidays, under representation of the same law firm, also received compensation payments that neared 450 thousand euro, Gerry and Kate now threaten to go down the same route, with the internet as their target.

source: O Crime, paper edition, 24.09.2009

Joana Morais

Kate McCann: "We have been really well supported by family and friends, Madeleine hasn't got that"

I cry every day for my lost Madeleine, reveals Kate McCann as she returns to Portugal
Sep 24 2009 By Victoria Ward

THE mother of missing Madeleine McCann has admitted: "I still cry for her every day" even though she's spent the past two years smiling and smirking.

Kate McCann yesterday returned to Portugal, vowing never to give up the hunt for her daughter, despite admitting to BBC's Jane Hill she never physically searched for her anyway and telling Oprah she didn't search because it was too dark that night.

And the mum said she had been given fresh hope by the rescue of American Jaycee Dugard, who was found 18 years after being kidnapped.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Kate and her husband Gerry could receive more than £1million compensation from a former police detective who claimed Madeleine was dead.

The couple met with lawyers, who have already won a gagging order against a book written by Goncalo Amaral.

Yesterday, Kate, 41, said: "We have been really well supported by family and friends, Madeleine hasn't got that, which is more than Maddie ever was even by her own parents.

"Each day we get through, each week that we get through, I'm thinking, '' how is Madeleine?'', even though Eddie and Keela found Maddie not to be very well behind the sofa and in the wardrobe.

"She's six, but we've just got to keep going, and it has been very harrowing and very draining, and it's been a long time to just keep going and keep going.

"But there is no choice, she needs us to find her and bring her home.

"I cry for Madeleine every day."

She revealed her twins Sean and Amelie asked about Madeleine all the time and said that their needs gave her strength to go on.

Kate said she was"a little scared" about returning to Portugal.

The couple were in Lisbon yesterday but have still to return to Praia da Luz, where Madeleine disappeared in May 2007, a few days before her fourth birthday, despite their own private investigator saying he believed Maddie is in a secret lair in a lawless village just a few miles away in Praia da Luz.

Kate said: "It would be nice to go back to Praia da Luz and feel a little bit closer. As you can appreciate, it is actually very difficult to find some peace and calm.

"I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."

Kate fought back tears as she added: "It is hard to describe how painful the past 29 months have been. I just think that it's so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don't give up on her, that we look for her. We're not going to stop.

"Children have been discovered years down the line, and you can't give up on them. I think it's awful if people give up on a little child.

"Like the Jaycee case - there have been many cases like that.

Now 29, Jaycee was reunited with her family last month after being snatched outside her South LakeTahoe home when she was11.

She was allegedly kidnapped and held captive for all those years.

Yesterday was the first time Kate had been in Portugal since their status as "arguidos", or suspects, was lifted.

She admitted: "I felt pretty apprehensive about coming back, although there has always been a strong tug here because this was the last place that I saw Madeleine.

"We just want to find Madeleine and I believe that this is a good place to be.

"I think it might prove a turning point in the search. Of course emotionally it doesn't have quite the same impact as going back to Praia da Luz, but I believe it is a good thing to do."

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It is obviously a difficult and daunting time for Kate. For a long while, she has not felt up to going back.

"But she always knew she would go back one day and is determined to do whatever it takes to keep the search alive."

Kate and husband Gerry, originally from Glasgow, feared people would stop looking for their daughter if they believed she was dead.

They said that was the reason they got an injunction against Amaral's book.

Lawyers have told the McCanns their search fund could be in line for a payout worth £1.2million from Amaral, who was involved in the initial investigation to find Madeleine but was later taken off the case.

In his book, The Truth Of The Lie, he claims Madeleine is dead and questions the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends nearby.

Earlier this month a Portuguese judge banned further sale or publication of the book.


Source: Daily Record

P is for....Pope, Priests, PR and PIFFLE!

Posted by Carrie on Missing Madeleine forum:

So, we are to believe that Kate and Gerry McCann are to hire a PR company in Portugal to turn around their dwindling public support.

Are they more deluded than we thought?

How on earth could any PR company work this miracle? What are the McCanns known for? For leaving their three very young kids alone. Repeatedly alone. So how can that be turned to their advantage? And more to the point, why on earth should it be? Why should they feel the need to do this?

If one of your kids went missing, would you really give a stuff about how the public perceived you? I wouldn't. All I would care about, every minute of every day and night, is finding that child.

But Kate and Gerry refused last year to return for a reconstruction, which the police requested. They didn't see the point. But yesterday, they found time in their diaries to fly out to Portugal, to discuss amongst other things, hiring a PR firm. God give us strength. Do they not realise how bad this looks. Their constant priority has always appeared to be themselves, rather than their daughter: they left her and the twins, for their own needs. Kate refused to answer all the questions (except the one where she agreed that she was hindering the search to find her daughter), they flew back to England after being made Arguidos, after pledging that they wouldn't leave the place their daughter vanished from - and then they refused to attend the requested reconstruction. Then, they both insisted that their Arguido status was hampering their "search". Yet, when it was lifted, what searching was done by them? None. Just the continuation of private investigators, which our own Pro-McCann press has derided. Kate didn't even search for Madeleine the hours after she was missing. Why? It was too dark, she told Oprah.

And now, we are supposed to forget all this - to forget their behaviour, their laughing and joking, the photos of the radiant couple with balloons and flowers, the jogging and the blogging, the posed photo calls. The cruel, insensitive comments about Madeleine being with a monster, but giving them "her tuppenceworth". We are supposed to forget about the hastily scribbled timelines, and the hastily set up fund, and Gerry going against police advice and promoting his child's eye defect, because he thought it was a "good marketing ploy". We are supposed to put aside the backlash that the McCanns witnessed when they dipped into the fund, raised by our kids and families, to pay the mortgage.

Because the McCanns think that a PR company will eradicate all this - will make this look in someway understandable and acceptable. Well, Justine and Clarence didn't do them any favours. No one can do them any favours.

And they are hinting that they would love to get the case reopened - well, they could do that in flash, couldn't they? But will they? I doubt it - not when they can faff around hiring PR companies....after all, getting the case open would be for Madeleine's sake, wouldn't it? And hiring a PR company wouldn't help her at all.

So, come on Kate and Gerry - just for once - put her first. Answer the questions. Do the reconstruction. And stop trying to act like the celebs you're not. We only know your names because of your neglect. Put her first.

P is also for PLEASE.

Gerry McCanns key alibi, film director Jes Wilkins, and his connection to Donal MacIntyre

Posted by Goodforyou on Missing Madeleine forum:

"When I read the MacIntyre story, I could not believe that this was the work of an investigative journalist. It had all the journalistic rigour of a D grade ten year old schoolboy's homework. It completely overlooked dozens of key facts such as the reaction of the dogs, the lack of credibility of Tanner's sighting or the Smith sighting.

I wanted to know why and I wanted to know if there was a connection between the McCanns and MacIntyre. If there was a connection, that could provide an explanation for replacing any analytical and objective reporting with something that could have been written by Clarence Mitchell.

I had a look at IMDB and soon found that the very man who MacIntyre tells us was talking to Gerry McCann (while the abductor was inside) was the producer of MacIntyre's 2005 TV series MacIntre's Toughest Towns.

Imagine that - MacIntyre's producer, just happened to be the key alibi for Gerry McCann and then MacIntyre writes a story that involves that man he already knew who proves McCann is innocent. What an amazing coincidence.
Produced by Jeremy Wilkin's Zig Zag Productions.
Wilkin's producer credits

Now, why didn't MacIntyre mention this?

He wrote:

Just outside, he meets television producer Jes Wilkins on the way back to the tapas bar. There is not another soul on the street.

He should have written:

Just outside, he meets my former television series producer Jes Wilkins on the way back to the tapas bar. There is not another soul on the street.

Sort of sounds like MacIntyre is helping out an old mate, doesn't it?"

Snippet from mccannfiles "A whiff of scandal" by Dr Martin Roberts on 13 August 2009: "The programme [Donal MacIntyre on BBC Radio 5 Live]... was also an examination of the reliability of sniffer dogs generally. The programme also spoke with a handler who admitted that his dogs did get things wrong on occasion."
Also being discussed on Maddie Case Files
Paulo Reis: The McCann Case: Jeremy Wilkins and the woman in purple

The Hoax By Ironside on Textusa:

The McCanns in Lisbon: Gerry looks very angry with Kate

McCanns Lisbon Press Conference

Kate and Gerry McCann stated today in Lisbon that they have returned to Portugal to "find new leads and a strategy that allows to maximize the search" of their daughter Madeleine, who disappeared more than 2 years ago in the Algarve.

"It's a very important day for us and for the search of Madeleine. This can be a turning point in the search and we are willing to do whatever needs to be done to keep searching for our daughter" said Kate McCann, who spoke to the journalists together with her husband Gerry, in a press conference at a Lisbon Hotel.

The McCann couple, who have arrived today in Portugal, started by recalling that there were two judicial processes that concluded "that there are no evidence that Maddie is dead, or that we are, in anyway involved in her death".

in News Agency Lusa

Video excerpt of the Conference via SIC News Channel

Photos and comments on Joana Morais

McCann Gallery does it better

Pope Benedict Will Visit McCanns In 2010

Pope Benedict is to visit Britain next year in what will be the first papal trip to the UK since Pope John Paul II in 1982, Sky sources say.

The trip is expected to take place in September after Gerry McCann gave him a formal invitation during a private audience in May 2007.

Pope Benedict is likely to meet with Kate and the Supreme Cardiologist of Glenfield Hospital, and possibly stay at Rothley Towers.

A preliminary itinerary includes visiting Leicester and Glasgow.

However, British officials say that a trip to see Matt Baggott in Northern Ireland is unlikely.

The Pope is also expected to be invited to address both the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and Rothley Towers in Leicestershire, where he will be served with a cup of tea and biscuits from the two jammy dodgers.

Confirmation has not been given by Downing Street or the Vatican, government officials are expecting an announcement from Clarence Mitchell soon.

Source: Sky News

Big_i started it: Missing Madeleine

Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction

Not for much longer you won't be

A new book "Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction" is soon to be released in the USA.

The book expands on Tony Bennett's lead and demonstrates how the McCanns and their friends have avoided any charges while at the same time receiving substantial aid from the British Government, including lots of personal involvement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Carter Ruck's bogus claim to suspend Madeleine Foundation website

British lawyers Carter Ruck maliciously claim a copyright violation in order to have website suspended

By Brian Johnson

British libel law firm Carter Ruck has written to the website hosting company and made a bogus claim of a copyright violation over three images of Madeleine McCann in their latest efforts to have a website shut down.

They claim that the three images are owned by Kate and Gerry McCann and that the use of the images was unauthorized.

The images in question are a composite image on the homepage of the site at and two photographs of a book written by Madeleine Foundation secretary Tony Bennett.

But we can reveal this claim to be bogus.

The official Find Madeleine website used by the McCanns to fund their so-called "search for Madeleine" has a free downloads page with various posters including the images of Madeleine. The images are therefore freely available in the public domain and are being given out by the complainants Kate and Gerry McCann.

The Carter Ruck demand letter can be viewed here:

The McCanns do not want the Madeleine Foundation website online and have recently demanded that the site be taken down after they sent threatening letters to secretary and chairperson Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler.

The Madeleine Foundation believes the theories of the main investigating officers on the missing Madeleine McCann case in Portugal. Inspector Amaral and Chief Inspector Almeida came to the conclusion that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment while on vacation with her family in May 2007. Despite overwhelming evidence, the British government intervened to frustrate and hamper the case and it forced the investigation to be shelved.

Former British attorney Tony Bennett wrote a book highlighting the major discrepancies in the McCanns' alibi and thousands of copies of the book have already been sold.

A new book "Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction" is soon to be released in the USA. The book expands on Tony Bennett's lead and demonstrates how the McCanns and their friends have avoided any charges while at the same time receiving substantial aid from the British Government, including lots of personal involvement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

in Free press release

By astro

McCanns return to Portugal in ongoing hunt for Amaral's £1.2million

Kate McCann returned to Portugal today for the first time since being quizzed by police over her daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry went to Lisbon to update their lawyers on the search for their daughter, who was three when she went missing in the resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "I can confirm that Kate and Gerry McCann have this morning returned to Portugal.

"They will be attending a series of meetings with their lawyers and advisers in Lisbon and they are planning to return to the UK tonight.

"Obviously, this is Kate's first return to Portugal since Madeleine's abduction and whilst this is undoubtedly difficult for her she remains determined to do whatever is necessary to assist in the search for her daughter."

One of the topics to be discussed will be the recent injunction against further publication of a book by former Portuguese police detective Goncalo Amaral.

Mr Amaral was involved in the initial investigation but was later taken off the case.

In his book The Truth of the Lie he claims that Madeleine is dead and questions the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends nearby.

Earlier this month a Portuguese judge banned further sale or publication of the book.

The injunction meant Amaral had to ensure that all unsold copies of the book were removed from shops and warehouses across Europe.

The injunction also banned him from repeating his claims about Madeleine or her parents.
At one point Portuguese police made Kate and Gerry McCann "arguidos", or formal suspects, in their daughter's disappearance.

They were questioned by detectives but their arguidos status was later lifted.

Mr Mitchell said discussions between the couple, both 41, and from Rothley, Leicestershire, would remain private.

But it is understood that as well as updating lawyers about the search for their daughter, who would now be six, they will be meeting a new PR agency, who they hope can turn public opinion in Portugal in their favour.

Earlier this month, Gerry McCann criticised Mr Amaral for his book, labelling it "unforgivable".

Mr McCann said the false allegations had done immense damage to the search for their daughter because Portuguese people would be dissuaded from coming forward with information.

Commenting after the injunction was imposed, he said: "There's a lot of people in Portugal, who might have evidence, that believe Madeleine is dead.

"If people believe that they won't search for her and they won't come forward with information.

"I know for a fact people have been told Madeleine is dead. There is no evidence to support that and that is unforgivable."

The decision to impose the injunction came after a year-long campaign by the McCanns' lawyers to prevent the publication of the book and a subsequent DVD.

Another topic of discussion today between the McCanns and their Portuguese team is thought to be a possible compensation claim for damages against Mr Amaral.

The couple said earlier that any money awarded by the courts would be ploughed straight back in to paying for private investigators to investigate their daughter's disappearance.
Also on Joana Morais with comments

And one from a different site:

"Nearly four...nearly fucking four...she was fucking three and her bastard parents left her alone so they could get pissed, no matter how its dressed up they fucking neglected her and now they want to seek 1.2 million in damages - fucking despicable pair."


Answer the 48 questions necessary to find Madeleine
Take part in the reconstruction
Take a lie detector test
Search the lawless villages of Praia da Luz
Request the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance is reopened.

But is quite happy to:

Sell good quality wristbands.
Sell good quality mobile phone downloads.
Sell good quality t-shirts with photo's of Maddie aged 3.
Sell good quality travel packs.
Sue the pants off anyone who doesn't believe their preposterous fairytale.
Accept donations, however large, even in an envelope marked 'Kate and Gerry in Rothley' - it will get there. Clarence said so.

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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