Rothley leaflets versus Praia da Luz leaflets

Comment by astro on the 3 arguidos

"I read, and watch, this morning, how people in Rothley "have been through so much", or something to that effect.

Well, I'm sorry to say that people in Rothley have been through very little, in comparison to what people in Luz have been subject to, over the last two years.

People in Rothley haven't had their local economy and their image as a child-friendly, peaceful spot, ruined by a crime that they didn't contribute to - quite to the contrary, the people in Luz gave everything that they had, their time, their effort, their very hearts, to try and help find a missing child.

The people in Luz WERE TARGETED BY A LEAFLET CAMPAIGN and when they felt it was yet another insult, yet another humiliation, as they were being used once again to promote a campaign that reminded the world that theirs is a village where children are allegedly not safe (it doesn't get any more ridiculous than that, really), at the very beginning of the tourist season, etc etc etc - I could go on & on, but I don't want to annoy you, you all know how I think & feel about this - they were vilified by Team Mac for being 'unhelpful'.

The people in Rothley know nothing."

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