Parents involved in Madeleine McCann's death

Parents involved in Madeleine McCann's death de week ('The most widely read Netherlands weekly in Spain!')

By Bart Bakker
01 August 2009
Thanks to Châtelaine for translation

Whilst in Benissa, I met with an English fellow journalist who was very much impressed with the latest revelations about the disappearance of the British toddler Madeleine McCann on May 3, 2007 in the Portuguese village of Luz.

"How is it possible that the parents, Gerry and Kate, can get away with this?," he said, incensed, after which we evaluated together all the events once more.

We did this with Gonçalo Amaral's tell-it-all book at hand; as chief inspector he was closely involved in the case in 2007. He was dismissed from the case because the Portuguese policeman had told an English journalist that a tip, which had been sent to the Royal Family, could not be taken seriously; in that the English police should follow the line of the investigation, viz. looking for a corpse, and should no longer consider abduction.

The tip was a futility compared to the long-lasting inquiry, but obviously political interests had become so important that Gonçalo Amaral had to be removed from the investigation. Out of spite and disappointment he then wrote the book: "Maddie, The Truth About The Lie".


As an investigative journalist I can only conclude that it is an impressive story. The chief inspector tells it all and publishes tens of investigation details. How much better can a journalist have it dished up?

His conclusions are shocking. A dog, specially trained for cadaver scent, barks loudly at a cupboard in the parents' bedroom and behind the sofa in the living of the apartment.

Another dog found traces of blood in the apartment and in the back seat of the parents' car. DNA tests then concluded that there was a sixty percent chance that this originated from Maddie McCann. Also, for that matter, the cadaver-scent dog also barked at the parents' car, mother Kate's clothes, Maddie's cuddle toy and the car key.


My English colleague and I are flabbergasted. Amaral also spills it all regarding the witnesses statements. In the Montemar hotel, where I was staying for the past few weeks, we had ourselves come to the conclusion that the statements of the group of doctors – the McCanns travelled with a number of friends – gave a rather disjointed account of events.

There was also the statement of the Smith family who saw a man carrying a child in his arms on the so-called Rua da Escola Premaria. When they saw Gerry McCann on television, as he walked down the airplane stairs, they recognised the father immediately as the man who walked the streets with that child in his arms.


Eventually they did interrogate the parents, but at first there were no clear answers to all of those questions. The moment that Gerry and Kate McCann were going to be further questioned about the many unanswered questions regarding their possible involvement, they left for England.

Meanwhile a fund has been created where millions were donated to trace Maddie and there was a nearly worldwide call to trace the toddler. According to Amaral, Gerry and Kate McCann have never given a clear answer to the findings of the investigation.

At any rate Amaral's conclusion is that Maddie McCann died on May 3, 2007 in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Portuguese Luz and that an abduction has been staged. Another conclusion is that Gerry and Kate McCann should be suspected of being involved in the hiding of the little corpse.

Amaral also mentions that her death could be the result of a tragic accident and that there are many signs, which point to a neglect of care and safety for Maddie.


Hats off to Gonçalo Amaral for the courage to bring the investigation results into the open. The family has never pressed charges against him for his candour and within the Portuguese judiciary he is considered to be a hero. The tens of detectives who worked on the investigation eventually had only one thought: rest in peace dear Maddie.
Source: mccannfiles