National security lawyer/Barrister Michael Shrimpton believes Madeleine McCann was murdered in December 2008

Will Barrister Michael Shrimpton be next in line for a McCann gagging order?

Posted by Tony Bennett on the Missing Madeleine forum on 26 August

"I hesitate to circulate this e-mail message which I have been sent tonight.

I do so largely out of its curiosity value.

It is by Michael Shrimpton, a London-based barrister, and is an update of his theory which he first circulated I think in late 2007.

I circulate it unedited and without further comment, except to add that there is a small reference in his article to the '60 Reasons' book, which I've highlighted.

Here then is Michael Shrimpton's article:"



Apologies if any one is included who does not wish to be - not sure whose list this is, but if names could be deleted as requested that would be most helpful. I am merely replying to e-mails sent to me.

I do not believe our enemies can be persuaded to change their ways - so far to the contrary, sadly, I see no option other than war with Germany. I was persuaded of this before poor little Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a DVD paedophile ring, but that case remived any doubt.

Government after government, intelligence service after intelligence service, either confirmed or did not deny that a ring was involved and that it supplied children for abuse to senior EU officials in Brussels, but all were utterly powerless. All the while the public was fed a non-stop diet of nonsense, about the poor parents killing their own child and concealing her body (somebody who should have known better even wrote a book about it, based on briefings from the Portuguese police), or a single paedophile (as though a single person could spirit away a young child acorss international frontiers and conceal her for months on end), when the operation was caught by satellite.

Even the Russians had enough satellite coverage to get a pretty clear picture, which became even clearer when some Russians working for the Germans (I call them von Russians) were had round for lunch by those nice people the SVR.

Did anyone dream of showing her desperately anxious mother the first live commercial footage of her (CCTV, a cafe near Montpelier)? Did they heck. The tape was whisked into DST in Paris and never came out, not officially at any rate (not even French Intelligence is composed entirely of inhuman automatons working for Jerry).

The number of politicians and civil servants being blackmailed or bought up by the Jerries would astonish even Bob [Lomas]; media control is just as effective as it was in Germany in the 30s, more subtle, yes, but you try getting a story about the DVD onto a mainstream outlet; no media organisation anywhere in the world was prepared to report the truth about the Madeleine kidnap, even though it was a huge story and the life of a little girl was at stake. No longer of course, because she was murdered in December, in Belgium, with a green light from GO2.

You can read it all here
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